Right.org's idiotic anti-stimulus video contest ("Bailout Prize Patrol", Snowe, Schumer)

The website right.org is conducting a video competition seeking the best 30-second humorous video regarding the various bailouts. And, as a promotion for that they made a "humorous" video of their own involving a "Bailout Prize Patrol" (modeled after the Publisher's Clearinghouse campaign) for which they tried to give Citibank et al a check for $30 billion at the same time as giving invoices to regular citizens.

Watching Bureaucrash types trying to recreate Roger and Me is just as annoying as watching the various efforts from their opposite numbers on the left, such as the pu..., er, "young people" who recently engaged in a sit-in at NYU.

But, that's not the most annoying part of the video. What's really, really incredibly annoying is that they were able to speak to both Olympia Snowe and Charles Schumer and just tried to present them with their giant check rather than actually doing something effective such as asking them this question. If they'd asked either of them that question and really pressed for an answer, then they would have done something. (See the question authority page for more.)

Think through all the production that was necessary to make this video: they had to go to both NYC and DC, make a giant check, rent a chicken costume (?), convince several people to appear on camera, and so on. If instead they'd simply tried to press a lawmaker on a difficult question, they could have actually had an impact.

5/31/13 UPDATE: One of those involved in the effort since went on to conservative stardom: James OKeefe. See that link for discussions of a few of his latter efforts.


You got to love it, the system boys have us all by the balls and soon people will be yelling for mercy real soon, but no mercy will be coming to really stupid Americans and that is justice. If you don't fight but against evil doers you will be eaten by that evil monkey.