Mass. Rep. Pam Richardson of Framingham: let illegal aliens vote (+driver's licenses & in-state tuition)

From this:

Rep. Pam Richardson of Framingham wants the Massachusetts Democratic Party to advocate voting rights for illegal aliens... Last month, at a local party platform meeting in Framingham, Richardson looked into a video camera and bemoaned the unfairness of the crimmigrants’ plight:.. "We have a large population of people living here who don’t have the same rights and opportunities of the rest of us... I’m talking about undocumented immigrants."... Most “unfair,” she argues, is their exclusion from our democratic process... "They don’t feel that they have anyone to represent them [in government]. It’s because they’re not part of the democracy," Richardson told fellow Democrats.

Video attached. If anyone wants to do something about this, I have a feeling that asking her questions that would completely stump her wouldn't be that difficult at all. For instance, you might point out to her that those illegal aliens do have representation: back in their home countries. You might also point out to her that she wants to profit electorally from illegal activity.

UPDATE: A previous version of this post asked whether she wants illegal aliens to just vote in local elections or at the state level; based on the attached video as well as this one, it seems clear that - at least at the beginning - she only wants it at the local level. On the latter video, she's interviewed about this issue by an unnamed opponent. She tries to pretend that she only wants to give localities the choice over giving the vote rather than supporting it herself, but then she admits that she would support it herself depending on the circumstances. On the first video, of course, she says that supporting it is very important to her.

On the attached video she also comes out for drivers licenses and in-state tuition for illegal aliens. She's obviously not too bright, and a good questioner could help block her future political career by really pressing her on these issues, especially the one relating to college benefits.

If anyone is in the area, go to one of her public appearances and ask her a localized version of the question in the DREAM Act summary.

UPDATE 2: Since the above, she's backed off at least on the voting, saying this on 4/8 (link):

"I have been receiving a lot of e-mails and phone calls...I'd say 90 percent are not in favor of this proposal... It's definitely made me rethink the whole concept... Unless I hear from a large number of constituents that they are in favor of my position, I am unlikely to push it at the state convention... Throughout history, there have been certain groups of people who are not treated with respect and dignity....I see that situation in the way undocumented individuals are treated. I'm uncomfortable with it. I am actively looking for ways to change that..."

The only effective solution to her discomfort is to support our laws. Otherwise, there will always be a large number of people here illegally.

Note that there's also apparently state legislation going through their process about voting rights for illegal aliens; if you're in the area ask one of those who supports that bill questions on video.

12/15/11 UPDATE: The video (Youtube ID SPrZAZVqAjo) was removed by Youtube "due to a copyright claim by Norma Shulman". Shulman's "jihad" against the video being shown is discussed here. I replaced that video with an entirely different video, this one has an interview that was done after Richardson's comments at the meeting.



you are all a disgrace.. immigrants built this country. to fuck with all this illegal shit.

If you noticed in this article the video links. Norma Shulman the despicable person she is, decided that even though she used public access equipment that the video she shot of our state Rep Pam Richardson will be off limits to the peoples viewing. If you will also notice that the video our people shot is up and on the net for all to see without all this Copyright crap that Miss despicable, Norma Schulman pulled. All our stuff is freely at or One last point... The Illegal immigrants that have come to our town haven't just "raped" the town they have "ganged banged" the town and the politicians just love it. They should be all ashamed for letting the town become a LAWLESS town and I have MANY times through emails and Personal letters, one to State Rep Pam Richardson's house, and even a visit to the State house to her office, I talked to Kurt in June 2009, as of yet NOTHING, NO response to have a meeting in our town to discuss the issues of the impact of Illegal Immigration on our town. Yet in 2007 at a town hall meeting the IMMIGRANTS in full view of the public had a forum discussing THEIR issues about being here illegally and THEIR problems. That meeting had every town official and politician including Pam Richardson. She has the nerve to listen to the gripes of ILLEGAL immigrants and she does NOTHING for the Americans who live here. Joe Rizoli Enjoy our cable show Pam. We still want you to keep your promise to get together to talk. You have promised to discuss the illegal alien problen and have done NOTHING, yet the illegals have a front row in getting their problems aired to you. Our town has turned into a lawless town thanks to you and others who think like you. If you were living in 1776 you would have been run out of town. Joe Rizoli 508-875-2043