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Glenn Thrush is a shameless hack: Part 1 (Politico, Romney, Mankiw) - 03/20/12

Mitt Romney economic advisor Greg Mankiw posted a dumb joke about deporting seniors to his personal blog; see the clipping he posted below. Of this, Glenn Thrush of the Politico says the following (link), thus ushering in the first part of what might be a long series of posts showing how much of a hack Thrush is:

Letter: last 100 conservatives who support Senate amnesty bill must band together! - 06/05/07

A group of about 30 conservatives have sent an open letter to the rest demanding that they band together and support the Bush/Kennedy/Kyl massive illegal alien amnesty bill. The letter itself is full of half-truths, such as their claim that "it will make sure that the law is enforced first, before any other provisions of the legislation take effect".

ICBTS: Independent Institute's Open Letter on Immigration - 06/20/06

"I Can't Believe They're Scholars": the Independent Institute has managed to get 500 people - many with PhDs - to sign on to their incredibly lame-brained Open Letter on Immigration. At least four of the signatories have blogs that accept comments, and if anyone has time please monitor their coverage and discredit them by leaving comments at their site whenever they discuss immigration matters:

The "Open Letter on Immigration": a quick response - 05/17/06

This site is circulating an "Open Letter on Immigration": In cooperation with the Independent Institute I am looking for as many signatures as possible from economists and other social scientists. Brad DeLong, Greg Mankiw, Vernon Smith, Tyler Cowen and many others from both the left and the right have already signed on.