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No need to acquire #s of followers. I follow those who speak truth & are objective in their knowledge seeking. Verify followers. Support education. #Resistance
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From @JStein_WaPo
Update: Since my story with @jdawsey1, Casa Ismael has received calls offering donations from ppl in Minnesota, NY,…
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From @englertj
@JStein_WaPo @teotakuu @jdawsey1 Is this not what djt wants to cut? These services, these supports? If he’s concern…
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.@englertj: if Trump saw his gross incompetence on PR as a liability (he doesn't now), he'd change what he does. @JStein_WaPo can't even conceive of making Trump's gross incompetence on PR a liability for him. He's just entertaining #resist, he isn't helping them or the U.S.