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Martin Guitar
Nazareth, PA
Since 1833, we've made 2,000,000 guitars and not one compromise. #MartinPride FSC® C008304
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From @cramachandran
An all-American classic! And that magical sound that only a @MartinGuitar can produce!
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From @vinaykesari
@cramachandran @MartinGuitar Damn, why don't I hear you play more? Can't believe that was just you testing a guitar :D
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@vinaykesari: FYI, check out the Twitter censorship reports at my pinned tweet. @cramachandran heavily censors dissenters replying to Rouhani, Medvedev, Trump officials, etc. etc. ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani are censored. Like Chaitanya, do you support going easy on dictators?