Ann Coulter helps MSM yet again: DREAMers are "heinous", "anyone would want to deport them"

On the video below [1], Ann Coulter says DREAMers are "heinous" and "anyone would want to deport them". That type of talk only helps the MSM: DREAMers are a highly protected group by the establishment media and the Democratic Party. Coulter is playing right into their hands, giving them a bogeyman they can use to push their agenda. All Coulter is doing is making things even easier for them. Not only that, she's living in a fantasy world if she thinks Donald Trump is keen to deport DREAMers: he's repeatedly hinted at legalizing them and he's even colluding with Nancy Pelosi on amnesty.

Does Coulter know something everyone else doesn't? Does she somehow think Trump is going to do a 180 and - taking advantage of his incredibly low approval ratings - decide to do something that would be opposed by almost everyone in his administration, in his party, in the media, and in other power centers? Of course not: Coulter is just playing to the absurd fantasies of the Trump base, completely disconnected from reality.

The smart alternative is to give Trump smart arguments that would undercut DREAM Act supporters. See the DREAM Act page for those. If she weren't just a grifter she'd do that. Even if some falsely think Trump will start doing mass deportations of DREAMers, they can push those while waiting for Trump to do something he's clearly not going to do. Otherwise, all they're doing is just helping amnesty.

[1] From, naturally, a Breitbart News podcast.