Deleted Breitbart comments

This is a running list of my comments that Breitbart News has deleted for showing them and their audience wrong. Note that some of these are on threads supposedly opposing censorship.

The comments are listed in reverse chronological order and there are probably several more that aren't listed here. See the deleted comments page for dozens of other sites that have deleted comments or banned me for showing them wrong.

September 20 2018 - "Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Talks ‘Global Conservation and Consciousness’ with Kanye West" - by Robert Kraychik [1]

Twitter lies to millions of users via shadowbanning.

Breitbart lies to 1000s of their readers by lying about that shadowbanning. In fact, Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. It's not just cons. In fact, about as many libs as cons are censored. So too are all other kinds of users.

Breitbart not only lies to their readers, they *help* Twitter. Twitter would be in *big* trouble if most of their users realized they should worry about censorship. Breitbart falsely pretends only cons need to be worried.

Is it clear to those here that reducing the number who are worried about censorship helps Twitter?

August 16, 2018 - "Twitter Purges Accounts Across the Platform – Again" - by Lucas Nolan [2] (several)

I'm offering facts, not propaganda. See all the red tweets from liberals here? Those are tweets that were censored:

For a tangible example, this tweet to MarshaBlackburn was censored: "Why do you mislead your constituents? NO federal dollars are used for abortions, even if the organizations who do them get federal money, they don't use the federal money to do abortions. You are a dirty crooked liar. #VotePhilBredesen"

Is the tweeter a liberal or a conservative? About how many at the link are libs vs cons?

People like you **help Twitter**. You're **reducing** the opposition to Twitter censorship.


/walterzoo/: Privet!

I've never said all Trump fans are Nazis, but all of them are gullible idiots. You have to be a gullible idiot to think that someone who's repeatedly pushed amnesty is anti-amnesty.

I've posted 1000s of posts (mostly against mass immigration) at my site, at Malkin's old immigration blog, and elsewhere since 2002. I have a sterling record as far as telling the truth is concerned, unlike your idol.

ls Twitter mostly censoring cons, or are they censoring about as many libs as cons?


/walterzoo/: I have a policy document in my Github account and on Twitter I've tweeted extensively about how cons mess everything up.

You also didn't answer my question. Instead of writing a novel, just answer this: ls Twitter mostly censoring cons, or are they censoring about as many libs as cons?


/carmelopappalardo/: Do you work for Twitter or are you just an eager volunteer?

I didn't say I support or oppose the quoted tweet, I only asserted it's from a liberal. Whether they're right or wrong doesn't matter in the current case. The only thing that matters is that they're a liberal.

If you have the guts to come back, Carmelo, then answer this one question: is the author of that tweet a lib or a con?


/carmelopappalardo/: you didn't answer my question. Is the author of the tweet I quoted a lib or a con?

August 5, 2018 - "Twitter Suspends Candace Owens’ Account for Mimicking Sarah Jeong’s Racism" - by Allum Bokhari (I first tried to leave the comment using Breitbart's own headline which had "f*cking" instead of "f", but that was blocked automatically by their word filter. So, I changed Breitbart's own headline to just use "f"; the comment appeared but was later deleted.)

Here's another headline at this site right now: "Twitter Still Ignoring Sarah Jeong Hate… …Update: 'Dumbass f white people' tweet still online!"

IOW, Breitbart thinks Twitter should start requiring some tweets to be deleted. They can't figure out how that would be used against them.

Breitbart also can't figure out the value in Jeong's tweets staying where they are.

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