Does Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart truly oppose illegal immigration?

Does Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart News sincerely oppose amnesty and illegal immigration, or is she just using it for clicks? Let's find out.

Rodriguez blogs "Flip-Flop: Amy Klobuchar Says English Should Not Be Official Language of U.S." (link). It's a standard issue gotcha piece:

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said at a recent campaign stop that English should not be the official language of the United States, even though she voted for a pro-English language bill during her time in the Senate... Klobuchar has flip-flopped on immigration policies, once supporting projects like a wall and E-Verify to ban employers from hiring illegal aliens back in 2006...

The Katherine Rodriguez blog is just entertainment (and, as the top comments show, entertainment for dim people). No doubt very few if any Breitbart readers were going to vote for Klobuchar and will change their minds due to what they read at Breitbart. Rodriguez isn't trying to reach out to those who might vote for Klobuchar.

If you oppose amnesty & illegal immigration, her blog is worthless.

Thankfully, there's something Rodriguez and Breitbart can do right now to help their supposed goals.

We want Breitbart to help flip Klobuchar back. She's obviously "fluid" in her positions and doing smart things could make her better on immigration. Those smart things would also send a message to the other candidates.

Specifically, we want Breitbart to go to Klobuchar's events and ask her tough questions that are designed to make enabling illegal immigration politically toxic. If Klobuchar is forced to admit the downsides of illegal immigration, she's going to be less likely to push it. And, that will make it less likely that the other candidates will push it.

To help out, we already have questions Breitbart can use. See the Stop Amnesty Challenge and the DREAM Act and Question Authority pages.

All Rodriguez and Breitbart have to do is go to Klobuchar's events and ask her one of those questions, then post the video. They'll probably get a Drudge link, and they'll definitely send a strong message.

What flips can flip back, and a little pressure could make Klobuchar flip back. And, Breitbart has the resources to go to her events until they get to ask a question. It's certainly worth a try, isn't it? It's not like what Breitbart currently does is going to pressure Klobuchar in any way, is it?

That said, the chances of Breitbart doing this are slim indeed. They've repeatedly pushed amnesty (see Joel Pollak; they also repeatedly pushed the Bob Goodlatte amnesty bill). As those like Katherine Rodriguez demonstrate, their goal is to get clicks, not to solve problems.

If you sincerely oppose amnesty and illegal immigration, then send this post to @krod315 (krodriguez *at* and other Breitbart writers. Let's see if they're sincere too.