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American Jewish Committee

Strong supporters of illegal/massive immigration. In 2007, joined with the Mexican government on a three-day immigration workshop; that country receives billions of dollars per year that illegal aliens send home. In 2009, received $500,000 from the Ford Foundation to promote comprehensive immigration reform. As with other groups that support illegal immigration and that oppose immigration enforcement (also here), they've continually tried to silence their opponents (also here, here, and here).

Last modified Jun 21, 2009
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Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus forms (AJC, Polis, Wasserman Schultz, Becerra, Baca...) - 06/22/11

The American Jewish Committee and a group of Latino and Jewish Representatives have started the "Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus" with two basic goals. The first is ensuring Latinos support Israel. The second, per [1] is related to "Latinos, on the other hand, are hoping that well-established Jewish groups will push even harder for immigration reform".

List of attendees at Napolitano meeting, Part 2 - 08/20/09

This is the a continuation of the list here. See that link for the details.

American Jewish Committee gets half a million from Ford Foundation for immigration "reform" tour - 06/21/09

Back in 2007, the American Jewish Committee teamed up with the Mexican government on a three-day immigration workshop. Whether they've gotten any money out of that government isn't known, but according to this they're going to be getting a $500,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to promote comprehensive immigration reform: [The grant] will go toward an AJC yearlong initiative that will include a series of roundtable discussions with those involved in the immigration debate in order to seek common ground, the AJC announced in a news release. The AJC also will offer advocacy skills-building...

Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon files FBI complaint over Joe Arpaio raids - 04/13/08

In his effort to support illegal immigration and perhaps just gain some fame, Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon now wants the FBI to investigate Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio over whether any civil rights laws were broken civil rights laws during his recent immigration sweeps (link). In the letter, Gordon race baits, does something no one should do and relies on the characterization of an Arizona Republic editorial ("guilty of looking latino", link), and he also apparently included other news reports which may be biased as well. He includes one example of a suit that's already been filed, and...

League of Women Voters now supports amnesty for illegal aliens ("comprehensive immigration reform") - 04/02/08

The League of Women Voters is presented by itself and the MSM as a "non-partisan" group, but, oddly enough, their positions all fall on the left side of things (background here). Their latest "liberal" position is to support amnesty for illegal aliens. Per their national president Mary Wilson (link): "After a lengthy and comprehensive study of this complex issue by our grassroots members...

CNN/Lou Dobbs knuckled under to "We Can Stop the Hate" pressure? (American Jewish Committee) - 03/04/08

The extremist-funding and awarding National Council of La Raza recently started a "We Can Stop The Hate" campaign with several other groups, including a few with indirect links to the Mexican government. Their first action was to encourage cable TV networks to have pro-borders spokespersons either removed from their broadcasts or to have their supposed affiliations disclaimed.

American Jewish Committee wants to end "Anti-Immigrant Hate" on cable TV - 02/16/08

The extremist-funding and awarding National Council of La Raza recently started a "We Can Stop The Hate" campaign with several other groups, including a few with indirect links to the Mexican government.

We Can Stop The Hate: Mexico-linked groups try silencing opponents of illegal immigration - 01/31/08

The extremist-funding National Council of La Raza has started a new effort called We Can Stop The Hate ( which is attempting to silence those who support our immigration laws by highlighting what they call examples of "hate". Three of their cohorts in the effort have at least indirect links to the Mexican government. Note that that government has explicitly stated that they're going to be using U.S.

Felipe Calderon explicitly wants Mexican consuls to meddle in U.S. immigration debate (non-profits) - 12/07/07

The only thing shocking about this is that he'd openly admit it: [Today, Mexican president Felipe Calderon] asked his diplomatic representatives in the U.S. to participate in the public debate on immigration by appearing at public events, talking more to the media and working with nonprofit groups to promote Mexican immigrants' role in supporting the U.S. economy. "The key is to neutralize this strategy of confrontation and discrimination that forms part of U.S. society's mistaken perception, and be able to newly focus arguments on the complimentary aspects of our economies," he said [to...

American Jewish Committee collaborates with Mexican government to support illegal immigration - 11/16/07

Dianne Solis of the Dallas Morning News - someone not unfamiliar with downplaying meddling inside the U.S. by the Mexican governmnt - offers this: Leaders of a national Jewish group say the hate being directed at Mexican immigrants resonates with their own experience.

The "Missouri-Kansas Coalition Against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Bigotry" - 01/31/07

The "Missouri-Kansas Coalition Against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Bigotry" is a new coalition that's fighting against those "vigilantes" who want to enforce our immigration laws, specifically the Minuteman Project.

"Declaration of Los Angeles" (city council-approved pro-illegal immigration resolution) - 12/13/06

The Anti-Defamation League, their Latino-Jewish Roundtable, and several other groups have convinced the Los Angeles City Council to sign the "Declaration of Los Angeles", a far-left resolution that claims to support human rights for "immigrants", but which is little more than a resolution in support of illegal immigration, couched in the expected doublespeak. Next year they're going to try to get the California legislature to sign on, and the Mexican partisans in that body will probably trip over themselves to comply. The press release quotes Amanda Susskind, Director of the ADL Pacific...

Coalition vows to defeat harsh immigration bill [HR 4437] - 01/20/06

From this: A U.S. coalition of business, labor unions and religious groups launched a campaign on Thursday to defeat a bill backed by Republicans that would turn some 11 million illegal immigrants into felons. The coalition of 24 organizations, many of which rarely agree on politics or economics, denounced the bill passed by the House of Representatives last month and called on the Senate to enact legislation to include a guest worker program and a path for illegal aliens to gain legal status. ..."We are extremely disappointed with the proposal that passed the House last month," said...

Pro-American church leaders needed - 08/27/05

The following religious leaders will be in Nogales on Monday, August 29 to push for immigration "reform": - Dr. David Elcott, U.S. Director of Interreligious Affairs of the American Jewish Committee; - Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches; - Elder Rick Ufford-Chase, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, USA; - Gideon Aronoff, Vice President of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society; - Rev.

Miami Herald "endorses indentured servitude" - 03/22/04

That's what the Stein Report says regarding the Miami Herald's editorial supporting the AgJobs bill ('A win-win for growers, farmworkers, America'). That bill would provide an amnesty for half a million illegal aliens. As history shows, amnesties simply lead to more illegal immigration. One amnesty leads to more illegal immigration, which requires another amnesty, which leads to more illegal immigration, repeat. As for the claim that the editorial supports indentured servitude, judge for yourself: ...AgJobs sets up a process by which illegal immigrants already working in agriculture could...