Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon files FBI complaint over Joe Arpaio raids

In his effort to support illegal immigration and perhaps just gain some fame, Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon now wants the FBI to investigate Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio over whether any civil rights laws were broken civil rights laws during his recent immigration sweeps (link).

In the letter, Gordon race baits, does something no one should do and relies on the characterization of an Arizona Republic editorial ("guilty of looking latino", link), and he also apparently included other news reports which may be biased as well. He includes one example of a suit that's already been filed, and another unverified incident involving one of his own staff members, not exactly an unbiased source.


Arpaio said it was ironic that Gordon drafted the letter on the same day that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials from Washington observed his deputies arresting residents and illegal immigrants in Guadalupe and approved of the sheriff's work... ICE officials have said repeatedly that Arpaio is not violating the formal agreement he has with their office allowing sheriff's deputies to enforce immigration laws.

The Arizona chapter of the Anti-Defamation League also wants an investigation, and others mentioned opposing the raids are the American Civil Liberties Union, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (both have indirect links to the Mexican government), the Arizona Ecumenical Council, and the American Jewish Committee (collaborated with the Mexican government).


I want to file a complaint about 40 million people living here as illegal alines but so may own property and own our so called political rats who hate our freedoms and want to use the illegals to take us all down a road to hell it would be pointless to file a complaint. by the way here in san diego on KFI 640 It had a report on our so called border fence being cut down and sold in mexico, now that is real hard work and after all its part of the mexican economic projects that will someday cut you down, if you know what i mean? May God help you all and buy guns.

I'm with ya Fred...In fact why the heck can't Americans Impeach Bush over this situation?? I don't get it??!! But I guess we're not supposed to get it...we're just supposed to move along like sheeple accepting all the crap that they dish out to us while they destroy OUR country!!

That guy is my hero. I always like reading about Sherrif Joe.

That MORON Mayor is trying to STOP Sheriff Joe...maybe he should throw him into jail!!!! Works for me!!!

Phoenix - Be proud of Sheriff Joe! Be afraid of Mayor Phil! He looks like a Schister. BTW - it was your Senator who drafted the amnesty bill and attempted to get it signed behind closed doors without debate - not W. Impeach McCain!!!

Way to go Joe... I wish everyone treated criminals and Illegal Aliens like Joe does, we would be much better off today. I think Phil Gordon shouldn't worry about what a County Sheriff is doing, he should be more worried about what is going on in his city.