CNN/Lou Dobbs knuckled under to "We Can Stop the Hate" pressure? (American Jewish Committee)

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The extremist-funding and awarding National Council of La Raza recently started a "We Can Stop The Hate" campaign with several other groups, including a few with indirect links to the Mexican government. Their first action was to encourage cable TV networks to have pro-borders spokespersons either removed from their broadcasts or to have their supposed affiliations disclaimed. It specifically involved Lou Dobbs Tonight (CNN), The O'Reilly Factor (Fox), and MSNBC News Live.

One of the "We Can Stop The Hate" groups, the American Jewish Committee, has now proclaimed victory in that campaign, at least against CNN, the only of the networks that responded to them (

[Jeffrey Sinensky, AJC general counsel says:] "CNN was the first, and so far only, one of the three cable networks to respond to our concerns about giving a microphone to individuals and organizations that promote hate, espouse vigilantism, white supremacy, or even violence in the immigration debate... We are pleased that [CNN President Jim Walton] recognized the merit in our concerns and will be taking steps to assure that spokespeople on immigration are more fully identified for television viewers."

Whether they're just trying to put a happy face on a form letter, or whether CNN has actually buckled and will try to muzzle Lou Dobbs and other shows remains to be seen, but the only response provided doesn't look much like anything beyond a form letter:

CNN remains "committed to covering this complex issue by presenting diverse perspectives and viewpoints throughout our coverage across all of our platforms," said Walton. "We agree that it is important to inform our viewers about the backgrounds and affiliations of the guests or commentators that appear on our air."

Note, of course, that aside from Dobbs CNN isn't known for fair coverage, so whether we'd notice any difference isn't clear.


The reason I watch Lou is because of his ilegal immigration coverage...In fact that is probably why he has had a ratings surge....If they squelch him CNN's ratings are in big big trouble...

it looks like the money boys really want Lou Dobb and savage off the air for race reason say it like it is and stop the evil PC Shit. how funny La Raza is it means race, and control of others who are not hispanic mexicans, the system wants this hate against you and someday soon when your money is totally worthless and the numerical symbol of your life is zero you will become the target of people like La Raza and you will understand what third world people really are. and may God help you all. And people the so called American Jews will do what is best for the jews and not you. After-all that is normal just in case you don't understand what is normal for a people and a Nation that we are not. start calling this non Nation what it really is THE FORMER USA It is sad to see but it will be easier for you all in the coming hell. Buy Guns

I read that Dobbs just started hosting a talk radio show. It may be that Dobbs is being toned down. Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol recently completed the aerial survey of the border fence. He sent Dobbs a copy of the survey showing that the DHS has lied about the amount and type of fencing completed. Thus far Dobbs has not reported about the actual fencing. According to the survey only a little over 160 miles of pedestrian fence is in place. The rest is vehicle barriers like those found in front of federal buildings. They can be walked thru or around. Some of the fencing included in the DHS number may also be the San Diego fence which was built in the 1990s. The DHS number could also include some of the the hastily built National Guard fence. The materials for that fence were scavenged from a historic rail road. Only a small portion of the fence claimed is the 2 layer fence that the secure fence act required. See: Go back a few days to read the entire fence saga.

I can't imagine Lou Dobbs being the kind of person to buckle under pressure. Time will tell.

Don't worry Dobbs is not going anywhere. Compare his show to any of the other cable political shows. His show is consistently by far the most serious and informative. By comparison Liberal favorite's Olbermann's show is really about half serious and the rest fluff and silly bits. Dobbs' show has consistently the broadest range of guests in terms of range of political viewpoints and racial, economic, regional and ethnic backgrounds and gender. Both conservative and liberal media watch dog groups Accuracy in the Media and Media Matters for America would have to admit that fact. Sorry but Matthews, Olbermann, Russert, King, Anderson Cooper, O'Reilly, Beck you name them do not even come close in this regard. I will go further and claim that largely because of Dobbs, MSNBC has been forced to ever so slightly expand its regular guest lists from the same old list of inside the beltway pundits and professional political insiders. As much as the Open Borders / Enthno-Centric groups rant and rave over Dobbs, they have to admit that Dobbs consistently grants them access to his show. And Dobbs does not tell them to shut like an O'Reilly. Dobbs lets them come on his show and take their best shots. Why?? Because Dobbs knows that every time they attempt to Mau-Mau him or worse and Dobbs simply holds his ground, it is sure to boost his audience. Whether it is Laura Flanders of Air America, Mark Potok of the SPLC, Janet Murgia of La Raza, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now... these segments get posted to YouTube and have the exact opposite effect Dobbs critics hoped for. They come off as intolerant A-Holes and Dobbs comes off as the sane even tempered rational one.

Dobbs is not reporting on Skull Chertoff's lies about how much fence there is. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Lou Dobbs will walk-away when he is told to, the fact is most people still don't get it at all, the so called USA Is not a country its a deal being made its a business and that is what people don't want to hear, this fencing of the non borders is just a show it will never be really built, and within 2 years when hill and bill or that foreign pig Obama or that ass McCain becomes president this nation and its people will just be one more third world hell, just stay around and watch it happen in front of you. take all the survey you want it means nothing and thank you honchocho for the info. this non government is your enemy and you will soon understand why.

_CNN remains "committed to covering this complex issue by presenting diverse perspectives and viewpoints throughout our coverage across all of our platforms," said Walton. "WE AGREE THAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO INFORM OUR VIEWERS ABOUT THE BACKGROUNDS AND AFFILIATIONS OF THE GUESTS OR COMMENTATORS THAT APPEAR ON OUR AIR."_ Thats sounds fair. So what about the backgrounds of the ADL and AJC? The AJC and ADL have mutated over the years so that today they are on the extreme fringe end of "pro-Israel", pro-Zionist, Likudnic, Neo-Conservative advocacy. If you study their history, today they are basically opposed to any nation controlling its borders or preserving its sovereignty by placing restrictions on immigration. That is other than Israel. Remember the AJC and ADL savagely attacked ex-President Jimmy Carter as a virtual anti-Semite for advocating a true two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How many nasty letters did CNN and Larry King get for merely interviewing Jimmy Carter? The AJC and ADL's advocacy is now simply way out of line with the majority opinion of Jews in both the US and Israel. The AJC and ADL's critics have stated that their definition of anti-semitism and racism is so broad and loose as to render the words meaningless. Lou Dobbs was absolutely correct in stating on his show that La Raza's Janet Murguia's sighting of the ADL and AJC criticism of Dobbs show as recklessly, inflamatory and way out of line since she very well knows that the AJC and ADL are increasingly seen by the informed as fringe advocacy groups not unlike the SPLC. Furthermore it was a cheap shot of cheap shots for a liberal anti-Iraq war, anti-Neoconservative critic like Keith Olberman to site the ADL criticism of Dobbs and Dobbs' response to the ADL charges as grounds for siting Dobbs as qualifying for Olbermann's "Worse Person in the World" schitck. Olbermann, who is of German ancestory, has surely faced his own share of unfair acusations of anti-semitism for his attacks on the pro-war neo-conservative movement. Attacking Dobbs was merely a way for Olberman to gain cheap brownie points from his audience of relatively uninformed aspiring liberal/leftwing hipsters for whom Dobbs is bit a too old fashioned.

Have Dildolbermann's friends at the ADL ever apologized for their enthusiastic support for the Iraq War?

Why is pro-jew called philo-semitism and celebrated, but pro-White is called white supremacism and denounced? I think the AJC is more racist than most White Americans are.

Many people ask that question Tanstaaf|, the system needs control and the system wants total holocaust on all whites for its business deals, it will someday tell us all we have no rights and will act on it. Understand one fact the guy who control the money makes the rules. and if some monkey in mexcio city or Red China has the money we all know who will make the rules, and the rulers will not want anyone around who can think.

Tanstaafl, I've asked a similar question myself, which doesn't bring out the best in people. Yep, even asking a fair question is frowned upon.