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Sarah Pulliam Bailey
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@WashingtonPost reporter covering religion, politics, culture. "Back home" is Indiana. Newsletter:
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"Nobody thinks Trump is Saint Donald," one influential religious leader said. But for many reasons evangelicals hav…
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@spulliam "A lot of evangelicals believe the current culture war is a zero sum game and their side has to win,”…
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@jdawsey1 @spulliam @MattMooreSC In the Gospels, Moses appears in heavenly garb next to Jesus at the Transfiguratio…
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There are smart ways Christianity Today's new fans could use his smears to undercut Trump. There are smart ways to undercut Trump to evangelicals. How would you characterize the @jdawsey1 & #resist ways? MT @RevEricAtcheson ["as an ordained pastor"] [the usual]