Pro-corporate Benjy Sarlin fails to follow the money on immigration reform (MSNBC, amnesty)

Benjy Sarlin of MSNBC offers "On immigration, GOP swing votes want it both ways" ( ). Like other pro-comprehensive immigration reform articles it's very corporate friendly, using vulnerable illegal aliens to cover its agenda. Sarlin also portrays old white people as loopy conspiracy theorists and young, non-white illegal aliens as valiant and noble. On top of all that, Sarlin shows that he's a propagandist and not a journalist when he fails to follow the money on amnesty.

I'll cover each of those below, but the most important part of this post is what you can do about this, described at the end of the post.

The most notable part of Sarlin's post is this:

On the anti-immigration side, there was little in the way of organized opposition [during the August recess], a trend that's played out on a national level as well. What they had going for them was a feeling - an uncomfortable suspicion among conservatives that reform is a corrupt trade between establishment Republican trying to pad their donors' profits and Democrats trying to add new voters.

I have a a feeling - an uncomfortable suspicion - that the sky is blue. It's a simple fact that almost all political leaders that support amnesty either want more race-based power, or they have a financial interest. Almost no leaders (outside of some libertarians) support amnesty because they truly believe it's the best thing to do. Name a leader that supports amnesty, and you're only minutes of searching away from discovering that they have some sort of ulterior motive.

Needless to say, Sarlin couldn't spare those few minutes. Instead of calling politicians on taking money from companies that want ever-cheaper labor - legal or illegal - Sarlin sides with those companies and the politicians in their pay.

For instance, this part:

[Rep. Cory Gardner] had some advice for immigration activists when they met in July: press the economic argument. The more businesses leaders who can publicly support reform, the better.

"If you look at the needs of this district, from the energy fields in Weld County to the farms and ranches of eastern Colorado, to the dairies of Morgan County, to the high tech sector of the suburbs…immigration is very important," he said at his Akron town hall.

...Farmers throughout the area say the last few years of raids and audits have hurt efforts to expand. Finding suitable workers is difficult either through the current visa system or among the local population, who, farmers say, are unwilling to perform the unpleasant tasks necessary to turn a profit. In Greeley, local meatpacking plants replaced workers lost to ICE raids with refugees from Somalia. Adding to their woes, deadly floods in September have washed out hundreds of acres of farmland.

That's the same old jobs Americans wont do line, as used by the very corporate-friendly George W Bush. It also doesn't match up with reality, as discussed on the crops rotting in the fields page. What is Sarlin doing: is he calling those growers and meatpackers on misleading in order to lower wages even more, or is he helping them? To see who Sarlin is helping, look at the entries on the Swift Foods and Greeley pages. Meatpacking used to be unionized, because of people like Sarlin companies were allowed to replace Americans with foreign citizens, lowering wages and reducing workplace standards in the process.

Make no mistake: Sarlin sides with foreign citizens, corporations that want to lower wages, and those who want more racial power. Sarlin sides against the interests of American workers. (In case that's not clear, just look who would benefit from what Sarlin wants: it isn't American workers or non-elite Americans.)

On the subject of immigration terminology, Sarlin refers to "anti-immigration" four times, despite that not being true for any of those instances. No one in the article is against all forms of immigration forever, they just want various limits or to sharply reduce illegal immigration.

There's also this:

A large number of House Republicans making up their minds on immigration represent overwhelmingly white constituencies that are mostly untouched by the issue.

That's a cruel joke. Everyone in the U.S. is negatively impacted by illegal immigration no matter their race. All current voters will be negatively impacted as millions of newly-naturalized citizens dilute their votes. Lower-skilled Americans of all colors find their wages lowered or stagnating. Massive illegal immigration is an indicator of massive political corruption, as politicians are paid to look the other way on massive illegal activity, and that impacts all Americans regardless of their color.

In line with MSNBC's general anti-white bias, Sarlin also presents non-white young illegal aliens as noble and older whites as loopy:

At best, [Rep. Cory Gardner has] floated a smaller fix for people who, like Munoz, were brought to the country as children.

"He says 'border first,'" Munoz told MSNBC. "In the meantime, we're splitting up families."

Munoz was mystified at first by Gardner's apparent intransigence. Then he got in his car and followed Gardner to his second town hall of the day in nearby Akron - the seat of 97% white Washington County - and things started to make more sense.

Here, constituents talked about President Obama's phony birth certificate and how Gardner will stop the president from using a "dictator process" to claim a third term. Turning to immigration, one attendee complained, "I don't believe there are only 11 million illegals in the country - and more are coming." Another wanted to station returning troops along the Mexican and Canadian border.

After the Akron event, two middle-aged women buttonholed Gardner to complain that his proposals for guest workers and a streamlined legal visa process sound too similar to the Senate bill.

..."Cory, let's think of this one too," she said. "Let's think of impeaching Obama?"

Want to do something about this? At the very least, tweet @BenjySarlin and let him know you read this and agree (if you don't agree, then cc @24AheadDotCom_ and I'll join in).

But, to have even more of an impact, look up those who talk to Sarlin or who he talks to, and make the points in this post to them. For instance, point out to them that Sarlin is siding with corporations in their quest to lower wages. Add @24AheadDotCom_ to the tweet and I'll help out. Also add the hashtags #uppers (an MSNBC show) and #MSNBCchat.