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Ed Schultz opposes Obama's immigration executive order, partly due to impact on workers - 07/30/14

On his MSNBC show yesterday, Ed Schultz came out against Barack Obama issuing an Executive Order that would in effect legalize millions of illegal aliens. Video below [1].

Benjy Sarlin thinks a pro-corporate libertarian immigration position is leftwing - 01/22/14

Benjy Sarlin of MSNBC doesn't know which side is which. He offers "Is an anti-immigration think tank moving left?" ( ), about the Heritage Foundation hiring loose borders advocate Stephen Moore as chief economist.

Melissa Harris-Perry is hardly "America's foremost public intellectual" (Ta Nehisi Coates) - 01/09/14

Here's yet another reason Ta Nehisi Coates (see the link) isn't credible: he says Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC is "America's foremost public intellectual". Not only that, but he's willing to play the race card to defend his claim [1].

Another misleading Public Religion Research Institute immigration poll (Saperstein, Preston, CNN) - 11/25/13

The Public Religion Research Institute describes itself in the highest terms possible [1]:

All in with Chris Hayes isn't diverse, despite his race obsession (MSNBC) - 03/30/13

Chris Hayes of the new MSNBC show "All in with Chris Hayes" has a quota system: few white men need apply ([1]). However, despite Hayes' obsession with race, his show is like other TV news shows in that it's woefully lacking in diversity, as will be described below.

A minor example of why illegal immigration continues and why amnesty is being considered - 12/04/12

I'll briefly give an example of a serious problem involved in opposing illegal immigration and amnesty. Jane Timm (@janestreet) of MSNBC offers "Meet the Grover Norquist of the immigration debate" ( ), a hit piece on Roy Beck of Numbers USA. Beck responds here [1].

Want to replace Alex Wagner on MSNBC? (Now, immigration, deferred action, DACA) - 08/16/12

I'm seeking a replacement for MSNBC host Alex Wagner of the "NOW with Alex Wagner" show. Could it be you? If you've got what it takes to discuss politics on the national stage, leave a link to your audition tape in comments or as a reply to the video below!

Mitt Romney reveals his weak, Democrat-friendly immigration campaign - 04/16/12

Garrett Haake of MSNBC overheard a Mitt Romney speech at a closed-door fundraiser to wealthy donors last night and - among much more - says this (link):

Pat Buchanan off MSNBC: Van Jones and elites win; working Americans lose; Teaparty still incompetent - 01/08/12

UPDATE: He's now officially off MSNBC, prompting this question: why couldn't conservatives keep Pat Buchanan on the air? From this: MSNBC's top executive said Saturday that he hasn't decided whether conservative commentator and author Pat Buchanan will be allowed back on the network.

Fukino: Obama has birth certificate on file and it matches the COLB - 04/10/11

Former Hawaii Health Director Chiyome Fukino - at the center of the Obama citizenship issue - has given an interview in which she claims that Obama has a valid birth certificate on file in Hawaii. Per her, the certificate is half handwritten and half typed and is signed by the delivering physician. She also claims that the information on the "Certification of Live Birth" ("COLB") shown on Obama's site matches what they have on file. That settles the "Birther" issue, right? Not really. Those who have concerns about whether Obama is really a citizen due to issues of his father's citizenship or...

Chris Matthews: Obama should release his original birth certificate (Clarence Page & David Corn agree) - 12/28/10

The video below shows MSNBC host Chris Matthews becoming a dreaded "Birther" and asking why Barack Obama won't simply release his original birth certificate so as to put the Obama citizenship issue to rest.

Rachel Maddow outrageously lies about Arizona immigration law - 04/24/10

The video at shows Rachel Maddow lying to her viewers about the provisions of the new Arizona immigration law. She says: It's remarkable legislation that requires police officers in Arizona to demand the paperwork of anyone they think looks like he or she might be an illegal immigrant... ...[Referencing Jan Brewer's comments] There will be no racial profiling in Arizona... except for the part where police officers now have to stop you if they think you look illegal. Rather than repeat myself, please see this post about CNN lying using highly similar lines. Anne Kornblut...

Classy: Rachel Maddow "apparently" recants outrageous smear of Rush Limbaugh - 10/20/09

As was discussed here back in June, Rachel Maddow smeared Rush Limbaugh by falsely claiming that he'd said that James Earl Ray deserved a "posthumous Medal of Honor" when that quote had simply been made up by someone at Wikiquote. Now, finally, four months later, Maddow has offered a non-correction "correction". Per this, on last night's show on MSNBC she said (bolding added): And finally, a quote falsely attributed to talk show host Rush Limbaugh recently it resurfaced during the debate over whether or not he would or should be part of a group bidding to buy the St. Louis Rams football steam...

Chris Matthews in 2007: Obama was "born in Indonesia"; "his Islamic background" - 09/02/09

Apparently Chris Matthews is now a "Birther", because on the December 19, 2007 edition of Hardball he said that Barack Obama was "born in Indonesia" and referenced "his Islamic background". That doesn't mean that just because Matthews said it that Obama was indeed born there or is/was a Muslim. However, it does illustrate yet again just how fluid the facts can be depending on who's providing the facts. Matthews said that in the context of discussing whether Hillary Clinton and her surrogate Bob Kerrey were playing up Obama's Indonesian and Muslim background in an attempt to undercut his...

Chuck Todd misleads about Obamacare (illegal alien coverage, abortions, Calvin Woodward) - 08/19/09

Chuck Todd (and/or Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, and Ali Weinberg) of MSNBC offer this: One of the reasons why the public appears so wary about Obama’s health-care plans is due to all the misinformation out there. Majorities in [a new NBC News poll] believe the plans would give health insurance coverage to illegal immigrants (55%), would lead to a government takeover of the health system (54%), and would use taxpayer dollars to pay for women to have abortions (50%) -- all claims that nonpartisan fact-checkers say are untrue about the legislation that has emerged so far from Congress....

David Shuster tries to keep left from learning about NCLR giving award to someone who'd proposed genocide - 05/30/09

The attached video shows former Rep. Tom Tancredo appearing on MSNBC's Hardball program discussing with David Shuster the issue of Sonia Sotomayor's involvement in the National Council of La Raza. On the downside, Tancredo doesn't back down from his comparison of that group to the KKK and, as happened during the election, he isn't able to very aggressively defend his points by demanding a hearing. However, by far the worst part is Shuster trying to keep their leftwing audience members from learning a disturbing fact. In 1994, the NCLR gave an award to the person who'd said the following (see...

Is the TOTUS preparing for a coup d'etat? - 04/04/09

Is the TOTUS trying to make Barack Obama look bad? Or, is it even worse than that and the TOTUS is trying to undercut the Obama administration as part of a dastardly plan for a coup d'etat that would see Obamabots replaced by bots loyal to the TOTUS? I'll let you decide.

Annoying: Rachel Maddow misleads about Employee Free Choice Act - 03/10/09

Just because I run a site about Air America doesn't mean I actually listen to them. So, it's understandable that I've only seen Rachel Maddow - now of MSNBC - two times. The first time was for a lightweight supposed "take down" of Pat Buchanan which was just a use of smears and innuendo rather than any sort of attempt to counter his points.

Keith Olbermann lies, says Sarah Palin is a socialist and described Alaska that way - 10/28/08

This site doesn't normally track the lies of Keith Olbermann since there are so many and no one outside his bubble trusts anything he says. However, sometimes he crosses the line, as he did with tonight's "Olbermann on Palin: Socialist, fraud/Governor doesn't have a problem with Alaska's socialistic collectivism" (link) which contains this: Who was the collectivist share-the-wealther, who was boasting to the reporter visiting from "The New Yorker Magazine," of having been able to send a check for $1,200 to every man, woman and child in the state since, quote "Alaska is sometimes described as...

Tim Russert/MSNBC Democratic "debate" features journalistic incompetence - 09/26/07

The Democrats are offering yet another debate this evening, broadcast on MSNBC and featuring Tim Russert as moderator. He and a "reporter" from a Northeast TV network just asked the candidates whether they supported sanctuary cities. Then, Russert and the "reporter" just listened as the candidates blathered on. All of them supported sanctuary cities, with (of course) Kucinich and Gravel being the most extreme and the latter being the most incoherent. The only thing Russert did was press them to answer the question; he didn't call them on any of the ensuing misleading statements nor did he...

Judi Hasson/MSNBC: how to hire (most likely illegal) day labor - 08/10/07

Judi Hasson of MSNBC Money offers "Dirt-cheap day labor". On the first page, she lists all the downsides of hiring day laborers, which she acknowledges are probably here illegally, even refering to the "underground economy".