Pajamas TV conducting "hearing" on stimulus healthcare effect, with Joe the Plumber

Tomorrow, from noon to 2pm Eastern, Pajamas Media will be conducting their latest dog 'n' pony show, this time featuring Joe the Plumber and others holding a "hearing" on the healthcare impacts of the stimulus plan. They invite you to submit your questions that their panel will answer:

The question now becomes, why? No one is going to care, and everyone knows approximately what they're going to say.

In order to have an impact, they have to go out and challenge the other side by asking them tough questions.

On an ironic note, last night I sent Glenn Reynolds an email linking to this post and laying out for him step-by-step what he can do if he truly wants to stop the stimulus. I suggested he find someone who can press people on tough question, specifically mentioning Les Kinsolving and specifically ruling out Joe the Plumber. Now I find he's part of tomorrow's show.

Pajamas Media needs to stop putting on shows and start doing something useful for once.


so I get 6 bucks a week more in my paycheck. Oh thank you so much.