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marguerite telford
Washington, D.C.
Director of Communications, Center for Immigration Studies
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From @Hambone_reece
RT @mtelford_cis: Perhaps @realdonaldtrump will convince him that e-verify is necessary to stop illegal employment and shutdown the magnet…
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#EVerify, like "RealID" or a national ID, is just strict authoritarians (eg John Poindexter) not letting a good crisis go to waste. The goal isn't anti-amnesty, it's pro-control. MT @Hambone_reece MT @mtelford_cis: Trump [should push] e-verify
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.@Hambone_reece: pols won't enable child labor: they know it'd end their careers. If they saw enabling illegal immigration as the same, it'd dry up naturally. Ask @mtelford_cis what CIS is doing to make enabling illegal immigration politically toxic. She won't have an answer.