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Scott Carpenter
Orange County, CA
Current events, sports and random day to day observations that pop into my head. Disgruntled Dodgers, Trojans and Cowboys Fan...Gruntled Clipper fan
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From @Carpenter_Scott
Hey @JuliaBrownley thanks for buying ad time on football games in Orange County. I can't vote there but go @JeffGorell! #WasteOfMoney #CA26
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From @erickbrockway
@Carpenter_Scott @Alotspike @JuliaBrownley @JeffGorell She has special interest money to burn
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From @Carpenter_Scott
@erickbrockway @Alotspike @JuliaBrownley @JeffGorell Yep once you sell your soul for special interest cash you gotta spend it right?! #CA26
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Carpenter_Scott: if you want Brownley to lose, find someone right now to ask her a tough amnesty question: