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Candace Datz
Colorado Springs, CO
Ambassador of reconciliation, lover of beauty, seeker of truth. Dir. of Youth + Adult Ministry @fcucc. Seminary @iliffontheroad. Proud resident of #cosprings!
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.@candacedatz: #immigration stance of @MarkUdall is very pro-corporate. He sides with USChamber, not workers. Use that as a guide. #ows #p2
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@bilibutterfield: got a counter-argument to ? Post it! Otherwise... @candacedatz @christinamaki @durhamnathan #p2
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Jill Stein is fake: she'd help the wealthy at workers' expense: @CandaceDatz @christinamaki @durhamnathan #occupy
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@24AheadDotCom @candacedatz @durhamnathan Even if I agreed with you (and I don't), I'd be voting for her based in other issues.