No, AllahPundit, worries about the Koch brothers aren't just for liberals

The Koch brothers continue their crusade against Obamacare with a new pair of ads funded by one of their front groups (watch the ads here: ).

At HotAir, AllahPundit discusses the ads and says ( ):

Generation Opportunity is, by the way, funded in part by the Koch brothers, so as much as I wish them success selling the opt-out approach on college campuses — the fewer healthy young people buy insurance, the less money there’ll be to keep insurance companies solvent, and the more frantically O-Care backers will need to “repair” the law — they’re destined to be beset by leftist protesters shrieking about “the Kochtopus.” Ah well. If there’s any truth to the e-mail that InstaGlenn got this morning, the wheels will be flying off the ObamaCare train before the opt-out strategy ever becomes an issue.

Leftwingers tend to make "Koch"-related puns, they don't tend to use the word "Kochtopus". That term has a much longer history than AllahPundit realizes. For instance, here's part of 1993's "Why the Pro-NAFTA Hysteria" by arch-libertarian Murray Rothbard (

Why is the entire pack: the Cato crowd, the rest of the Kochtopus or Koch Machine, the majority of Heritage, the Tony Snows and the Steve Chapmans, why are they going all out, playing hardball, in their frenzy to get this thing passed? Why are these gentry acting as if their lives depended on the passage of Nafta? Could it be because if not their lives, at least their fortunes (though scarcely their sacred honor), do in fact depend on it?

...So may it not be true that American natural gas companies expect to benefit by purchasing gas, whose cheap production will be subsidized by the unfortunate Mexican taxpayer? And doesn't this provide a lesson about our own "free-market" institutes and pundits, many of whom are subsidized heavily, past, present or hopefully in the future, by Wichita, Kansas, oil billionaires Charles and David Koch, whose mammoth privately held Koch Industries concentrates on the transportation of oil and natural gas? Query: Does Koch Industries – which in November 1992 purchased 9,271 miles of natural gas pipelines to Mexico for $1.1 billion – expect to benefit heavily from Nafta? And so such expectations account for the passion, for the fervor, of those persons and institutions who form part, in reality or in hope, of the giant Koch Machine?

So, it's not just liberals that oppose the Kochs, but some libertarians too. And, some people being hip to the Kochs goes back decades. Most Americans should oppose the Kochs, but many - such as the Tea Parties - end up being useful idiots for them. Part of that is because of all the money they slosh around. Part of that is because much of the new-found liberal opposition is lame and forces some non-liberals into becoming Koch enablers rather than opponents. The strongest way to oppose the Kochs is to make the points on the Koch family page, pointing out that they fund loose borders groups and that a Koch brother even joined with George Soros to fund the American Civil Liberties Union. Most conservatives would oppose people who fund loose borders groups and the ACLU, but those with megaphones refuse to stress that.