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Breakfast Media, covering the White House & Capitol, asking people questions, and writing about what they say. | dm 4 Signal/ProtonMail | tweets mine etc
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NEW: Trump’s desire for a Senate trial proves that Jared Kushner’s “strategic sense is in his ass,” @TheRickWilson…
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From @juliedcantor
@AndrewFeinberg @TheRickWilson @YaleMed @realDonaldTrump Not sure about “entering.” Maybe “deep in”?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@juliedcantor: your bio: "MD/JD... UCLA Law School". Yet, you cheer Yet Another Smear from @AndrewFeinberg that's just pandering to low-watt Dems (exactly as Trump does to low-watt GOPers). It will only help Trump as such smears always have. You don't have the IQ to realize that
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From @AndrewFeinberg
There are so many lies in this I don’t know where to start. First off, President Obama *gave* Iran NOTHING. As pa…
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From @bridgetmi1968
@AndrewFeinberg Does he not know that and is repeating the same bullshit the trolls have been posting or does he kn…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bridgetmi1968: @AndrewFeinberg could do something about Trump & Iran if he finally did his job. That means really pressing Trump or his proxies using Socratic questions (like lawyers ask). Ask him when he'll do that.