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Economic Policy reporter at The New York Times. Formerly @FT; @MarjorieDeane alum @TheEconomist @LSEECHist. RT ≠ endorsement
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From @arnielayne
@arappeport @nytpolitics “It. Was. A. Joke.” —PNavarro. “Indeed.”—Everyone else.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@arnielayne: Trump's horrible, but @arappeport tells you that because Navarro is a threat to globalism. Alan's owner (Carlos Slim) profits from globalism. As a result, the NYT is a globalism cheerleader. Be a real liberal & oppose billionaires' plans that'd harm workers.
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From @arappeport
Meanwhile, Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro cited an imaginary alter-ego that is an anagram of his name in five of…
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From @jayaf1980
@arappeport @nytpolitics Grifters! The entire administration is nothing but grifters!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jayaf1980: Trump's horrific, but @arappeport is owned by Slim (net worth: $58.9 billion; search him). Slim profits from globalism, Navarro's ideas are a threat to globalism. Instead of trying to make valid arguments against Navarro Alan dims it way down Don't be a Slim stooge.
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From @arappeport
Trump teases ⁦@stevenmnuchin1⁩ for having become “so weak” during China/trade meetings at the White House per ⁦…
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From @karenknitssocks
@arappeport @maggieNYT @stevenmnuchin1 @jonathanvswan That's "ribbing?" That's outright bullying.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@karenknitssocks: did you see "Chinese Money in the U.S. Dries Up as Trade War Drags On" by @arappeport. Trump's horrific, but the NYT (owned by the #5 richest man in the world, a top globalism profiteer) is trying to bribe you: accept free trade in exchange for Chinese silver.