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ATL ✈️ Jersey City, NJ
Executive nonprofit professional ~Recovering political operative and PR maven~Amateur media critic #DavidBowie Forever ⚡️#PurpleReign Forever ☔️ #KHive
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From @JFKucinich
My latest with @lachlan - we found who is behind those racist @ewarren ads ...
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From @bcjcfiveoh
@JFKucinich @lachlan @ewarren Why would you help Trump advertise by pushing out this picture? Disgusting.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bcjcfiveoh: Trump's loudest opponents have *constantly* helped him for 4 years. You see @JFKucinich going after Trump where he's weakest (he supports amnesty & his plans are unimplementable)? You see her going after Warren for basically agreeing with Trump on the issue?