Luis Gutierrez' CIR ASAP amnesty has 100+ co-sponsors (Honda, Polis, Weiner, Serrano)

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U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez conducted yet another pro-comprehensive immigration reform event today, this in support of his CIRASAP ("Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act") amnesty. It's reached the milestone of over 100 co-sponsors, and per this those speaking in support included Reps. Barbara Lee, Anthony Weiner, and Jared Polis; Campus Progress (part of the Center for American Progress); and the quite far-left Casa de Maryland.


(Rep. Mike Honda), standing next to a young girl, asked the room if it was right to deny her the American Dream because, although a citizen herself, her parents are not. Polis addressed the fear that comes with uncertain status. "Kids come home not knowing if their parents will be in detention," he said.

That's definitely an unfortunate situation, but no one in the U.S. is responsible for putting her in the situation. Her parents voluntarily decided to come here illegally and it's important not to encourage others to do the same. Honda, obviously, isn't supporting proper public policy.


Rep. (Jose Serrano) (D-New York), for example, said, "We have to challenge those who oppose us to tell us why," before adding that Congressmen who do not support immigration reform should not "advertise in Spanish."

1. This site accepts the challenge; the thousands of posts here about this issue will tell Serrano all he needs to know but I'm willing to debate him. The likelihood of that happening is indeed slim, but I'll tweet my acceptance of his challenge @RepJoseSerrano

2. For a starting point, one argument against what they want is the development of a Canadian-style bilingualism, with politicians feeling a need to advertise in both Spanish and English not to mention "press 1 for English" and so on. And, not to mention the fact that sometimes the messaging to the two groups is different.