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CA➡️MT | Anti-Vax | I Do Not Consent | #medicalFREEDOM| Pro-Life | 2A | 1A | Patriot | #MAGA 🇺🇸 | #QAnon | Digital Soldier | #QFDshadowbanned
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From @JacobAWohl
Red Wave cartoon retweeted by President Trump is being censored by Twitter
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From @spdustin
@JacobAWohl It's not being censored, ass. Either is was reported as offensive by several people, or some neural net…
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From @nicholeskeen
@spdustin @JacobAWohl This stuff actually happens all the time to ppl I follow who are primarily conservative. Vide…
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From @spdustin
@nicholeskeen @JacobAWohl It's not active censorship. Twitter doesn't do that. What makes you think they'd have the…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@spdustin @nicholeskeen @JacobAWohl: #Twitter heavily censors their users & about as many libs as cons. In most cases it's based on follower counts etc, not the tweet itself. Start at my top tweet for real data.