Indiana gov. Mitch Daniels on immigration: not good, but not enough information for full picture

Indiana governor Mitch Daniels is being mentioned as a fiscal conservative, policy wonk Republican candidate for president in 2012. Like most "fiscal conservatives", he appears to support massive/illegal immigration despite the costs involved and despite how it gives even more power to those on the other side from him. There doesn't appear to be much of a paper trail on him, but most of it isn't good:

1. An April 12, 2006 article says (link):

Daniels also was asked about his opinions on illegal immigrants and the recent marches that took place in Indianapolis and South Bend Monday... "I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t want the law obeyed,” he said. “But these folks are vital for businesses. I’m hopeful the federal government will find a way to tighten borders and address the issue of citizenship... “I’m all for people with hopes and dreams who want to come here and work, but I think they should have requirements. They need to be a good citizen, a contributing citizen. They need to learn English and pay taxes. “It ought not be under conditions of illegality.”

His position on foreign citizens who've defied our laws marching in our streets, making a show of force and making demands is a bit blase, to say the least. The rest of his comments are code words for amnesty and a guest workers program.

2. The Dec 5, 2005 Associated Press article "Guest-worker program supported by governor" says (link, link):

President Bush's proposal for a guest-worker program as a way of addressing illegal immigration is gaining support from Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, as well as from organizations to help the growing immigrant population... "These people are here and are prepared to work hard," Daniels told the Post-Tribune of Merrillville. "We need to find a way to deal with those issues" that prevent them from staying legally.

Bush's guest worker program was one of the most anti- and un-American plans I've ever heard proposed by someone who wasn't an explicit enemy of the U.S.

3. On the plus side, this 2004 editorial says: "Critics such as gubernatorial candidate Mitch Daniels said we shouldn't reward illegal immigrants with (drivers licenses."

4. Returning to the negative side, this refers to "Gov. Mitch Daniels' decision to lease the Indiana Toll Road to a foreign company"

5. The video at is entitled 'Governor Mitch Daniels on "Embracing Immigration"'; watching it is left as an exercise but it's probably not good.

6. The article here is behind a paywall, but if anyone can excerpt the relevant parts please leave them in comments.

7. Finally for now, this is from January 25, 2009 (link):

As unemployment in Indiana has climbed past 7 percent, state lawmakers have renewed last year's failed efforts to crack down on businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

If a company is cited three times for employing illegal immigrants, it could lose its business license to operate in Indiana, under three similar bills introduced this year.

"It's not designed to punish law-abiding citizens or law-abiding businesses. You have to be a really bad actor and very stupid ... to be punished by this bill," (Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel) said. "How many times does a business need to be corrected before they get it?"

Meanwhile, Gov. Mitch Daniels indicated he would be hesitant to back regulations that would make it tougher for businesses to hire workers.

"You won't find this on my priority list," Daniels said at a recent news conference. "But we'll see what the Legislature does."

The bill failed, and Delph is trying again this year (link). Note that the bill was praised by FAIR (link).