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kasey michaels
Pennsylvania, USA
author, never really a big twitter user, but now avidly following Pete, Chasten (and the dogs) -- and feeling real hope for the first time since 11/16
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From @PeteButtigieg
A big thank you to the hundreds of @PeteForAmerica supporters who turned out this morning for #NHDems2020!
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From @suddensam55
@PeteButtigieg @PeteForAmerica Amazing to see "KIDS for PETE. He will truly make a great President.
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From @michaels_kasey
@suddensam55 @PeteButtigieg @PeteForAmerica I love the way kids look at Pete!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
That reminds me of something. Maybe Pete's as great as Obama! MT @michaels_kasey I love the way kids look at Pete!