"Fiscal conservatives" ignore (or support) massive and illegal immigration, despite the costs

From Numbers USA (link):

For those of you whose primary political interest is stopping the growth of government or even shrinking it, you have to contend with national leaders who say they agree with you but who refuse to deal with immigration. They say immigration is a "social" issue that isn't related to government spending and deficit issues. They couldn't be more wrong...

...Even stranger is that this gargantuan driver of bigger and bigger government was promoted and continues to be supported by the Republican National Committee and by the Republican leadership of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Republican leaders every day castigate Pres. Obama for trying to bloat government, but Republican leaders resolutely refuse to even suggest that the government reduce its importation of welfare-using immigrants.

They also claim that "Roughly ONE-HALF of all immigrant households with kids are accessing the welfare system, especially food and Medicaid welfare".

While that focuses on the GOP, the same applies to libertarians and to other "fiscal conservatives", such as the tea parties and the "profits at any price" groups like Club for Growth.


On the old board, Lonewacko posted an elephant in the room brought up by Robert Samuelson: 'The stubborn persistence of poverty, at least as measured by the government, is increasingly a problem associated with immigration. As more poor Hispanics enter the country, poverty goes up. This is not complicated, but it is widely ignored.' ---- It seems like kind of an important policy consideration, but no politician would dare utter that knowing he would have a special interest mob calling for his head.

The only way we the people can stop this government is in blood. This government for over 20 years has been supporting massive drug deal's and has been behind the massive illegal immigration and has been behind the mass murder of Americans.