Glenn Beck urges donations to illegal immigration-supporting U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Earlier today, Glenn Beck urged his fans to donate to the US Chamber of Commerce, a group that strongly supports illegal and massive immigration. In 2006, GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner suggested that the Chamber register as a foreign agent due to what they support. Now, Glenn Beck wants his listeners and viewers to send them money. The pretext is because of innuendo leveled by both ThinkProgress and Barack Obama that the Chamber is soliciting foreign money (true) and then using that to influence the political process inside the U.S. (so far undetermined).

Beck could have pointed out how he thinks ThinkProgress et al are wrong and kept it at that. Instead, he's encouraging his fans to donate to a group that could care less about them.

And, in yet another example of how they work against their best interests, many of his tea parties type fans are doing just that (link). They don't realize that what the Chamber advocates for raises their taxes and reduces their power. Both illegal aliens and new legal immigrants consume public services of various kinds, raising taxes on Beck's fan base. At the same time, those same groups form a power base for the Democratic Party and the far-left, reducing the poliltical power of Beck's fan base.

A few other highlights of what the Chamber supports:

The Chamber joined with the far-left American Civil Liberties Union & the AFL CIO to oppose immigration enforcement via no match letters...

The Chamber got a donation "in the high six figures" from Western Union (a company that profits from illegal aliens sending money home) due to the Chamber's advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty...

The Chamber may have collaborated with the Mexican government on NAFTA trucks...

And, here's Beck himself from earlier this year taking the Chamber's side on massive immigration against Roy Beck of Numbers USA:

For even more, see the US Chamber of Commerce page.

If you oppose massive/illegal immigration, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is on the other side. Let those who profit from what they support send them money.