Bush admin to submit new no-match rule... in March 2008

In October, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer blocked the Bush administration from enforcing a new "no-match" rule that they'd announced in August. Under "no-match", letters are sent to companies warning them that an employees' name doesn't match the Social Security number they provided. The letters have been sent out - and then ignored - for years, but the DHS was supposedly going to finally start targeting some firms for enforcement.

On Friday, the Bush administration announced that, while they still might appeal, their main course of action will be to try to come up a revised rule to meet the judge's objections, specifically relating to a survey of small businesses to determine the impact the rule would have (link). They'll try to have the survey done and issue the new rule by the end of March.

The restraining order was brought to us courtesy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO, the American Civil Liberties Union, the San Francisco Labor Council, among others. And, expect those groups to continue enabling illegal immigration by suing over the revised rule:

"It's clear the government has given up defending an indefensible rule," said Lucas Guttentag, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, another group bringing the lawsuit. "But now they're hoping to rush through another half-baked rule without addressing the fundamental flaws. It's like putting lipstick on Frankenstein."

There's certainly the possibility that the Bush administration knows all this and wants the ACLU and those who profit from illegal activity to keep suing.

DHS, SDUT, Harry Reid on Charles Breyer no-match ruling (ACLU, CofC, AFL-CIO)


Great plan. The ACLU gets to determine national security policy while Bush 'might' appeal. Delay, defer, procrastinate, litigate. Repeat. Throw in a push for amnesty, DREAM, or SCHIP every month or two. Repeat. Try to legislate even more Agworkers, H-1b, J-1, L-1, L-2 visas in between. Repeat. The paper thin attempt by the government to create the illusion that they are actually doing somthing, knowing full well that inaction is only accelerating and facilitating the invasion, is as invisible as the Emperors clothes. Illegal means against the law. Deport. Build the wall. Send the no-match letters NOW, and let the ACLU suffer the burden and the delays of appeal, not the government, and not the People. And as Bush won't control illegal immigration, there can be no more tolerance for legal immigration, either. The Inn is full. Immigration is always optional, and only if the People decide it would be of any benefit. So let the People decide. And until we do, while we talk, a complete moratorium on ALL immigration.

The Mexican Hat Dance is more like it! Bush continues his charade that deserves impeachment and the majority of the country watches "Dancing with The Has- Beens"...... Buchanan has a new book out, Day of Reckoning...if you want to become even more depressed about the State of the country.