David Montgomery /WaPo: nearly no real reporting in Luis Gutierrez puff piece

David Montgomery of the Washington Post offers a five-screen puff piece (link) on far-left amnesty supporter Rep. Luis Gutierrez and his recent "Family Unity Tour" that completely fails to call him on his many disreputable statements, such as the time he called ICE agents "Gestapo agents". The article fails to call Gutierrez on the many huge flaws in the comprehensive immigration reform that he supports. This is the only part of the article that discusses actual policy:

Gutierrez and his allies generally define immigration reform to include an end to workplace raids and deportations that break up families, and creation of a program for the 12 million illegal immigrants to get in line behind those who have already applied legally. There would also be enhanced border security and other steps.

A real reporter who's familiar with this topic would call Gutierrez on the fact that with little or no enforcement millions more people will come here and, after most of those have U.S. citizen children, the same cycle that Gutierrez is complaining about will start again. A real reporter would have pointed out that there's no way for illegal aliens to "get in line behind those who have already applied legally": the line has no end; it stretches back years and people are constantly joining it. Because of that fact, any illegal aliens that are processed will cause those already in line to have to wait. And, if slapdash background checks are performed, thousands (or tens of thousands) of criminals will be legalized, as will many potential terrorists. Those are hard questions that people like Gutierrez should be forced to answer. Montgomery is just a hack and has no ability to or interest in pushing anyone on those points.

The only slightly negative parts are:

1. Three paragraphs of screen three are turned over to Ira Mehlman of FAIR, and that's about it. A real reporter would have asked Gutierrez about the point Mehlman is allowed to make.
2. The article says: Luis was a radical leader of the Union for Puerto Rican Students. He led a nonviolent takeover of the president's office to press demands over faculty and curriculum... But by the time he got [back to Chicago after spending years in Puerto Rico], transferring for his senior year in college, he was fluent in Spanish and inflamed by the rhetoric of Puerto Rican nationalists and black power leaders.
3. The fact that, as radical as he is, he's still considered not radical enough by some even further left is brushed aside by a Frank Sharry quote "...bomb-thrower or dealmaker? I think the answer is yes."
4. Discussing his recent Tour, it says: The more tragic or appalling the story, the better. Gutierrez is aiming directly for the tear ducts of the American people... He freely admits that the cases in each city on the tour are cherry-picked by professional organizers for maximum impact. So what?