Luis Gutierrez' "National Family Unity Tour" to pull heartstrings in support of illegal immigration; ask him a question

Rep. Luis Gutierrez is conducting a nationwide tour where he and his friends will be visiting churches and conducting townhall meetings from coast to coast to push for comprehensive immigration reform. The schedule is below, and what I need you to do is organize a local effort to go to one of these events and make him look bad on video by asking him a tough question designed to show that he's engaging in false compassion and that he's not promoting the best policies. Please note that I'm talking about very difficult questions, not rants. The goal is to discredit Gutierrez and his friends by countering their emotionalism with logic.

I'm not the community organizer type, so you're going to need to do this yourself. If you're in one of the cities they're going to be visiting, take it upon yourself to form or join with a local group to go to one of the meetings and try to ask a question. If anyone's going and needs tough questions to ask or wants questions to be edited for maximum effectiveness, leave a comment on this post.

It really shouldn't be difficult to completely undermine their arguments, because the argument they'll be making is an immoral one based on an incomplete reading of the Bible. Per this:

[Gutierrez says:] "We are going to focus on families and put this in a biblical, moral perspective." ...Rep. Nydia Velazquez of New York, chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said Tuesday that the National Family Unity Campaign is a "first step on putting a human face on how the broken immigration system is impacting the men and women of America."

Here's the event listing from

1. February 27, Providence, RI
2. February 28, Atlanta, GA
3. March 1, Albuquerque, NM
4. March 7, Ontario, CA
5. March 7, San Francisco, CA
6. March 8, Phoenix, AZ
7. March 13 El Paso, TX
8. March 13, Los Angeles, CA*
9. March 14, Dallas, TX
10. March 15, Mission, TX
11. March 21, Chicago, IL
12. March 21, Joliet, IL
13. March 22, Milwaukee, WI
14. March 27, Las Vegas, NV
15. March 28, Orlando, FL
16. March 29, Miami, FL
17. April 4, Philadelphia, PA

*Per them: "Los Angeles will not be attended by Rep. Gutierrez. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, including Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Rep. Grace F. Napolitano, and Rep. Linda Sanchez will attend."

UPDATE: There are several videos on Youtube; one involving baby waving in Norcross GA with John Lewis is here. It includes Gutierrez complaining about one instance of family separation "because our government decided that that was national security, that that was the priority." Whether it was "national security" or not, giving people the idea that they can come here illegally and get to stay just as long as they burden children with being part of a mixed-status family is horrific public policy.


I would love to hear your reading of the bible in which poor people looking for work are bad, and should be kept out of the country. Must be different translation from mine.

I suppose there could be an argument that these interlopers aren't criminals but I sure have a hard time understanding it, especially when our immigration laws are just about the most lax in the world. Seems to me using the Bible for argument on either side of the question would be tenuous at best, too. As far as "putting a human face on how the broken immigration system is impacting the men and women of America" goes, I wonder how soon they'll be showing the faces of the unemployed and underemployed citizens of this nation who can't make ends meet because criminal aliens are stealing jobs at bargain-basement wages? Probably won't 'cause even minorities are less valuable than criminals, I guess. The sad thing is, they won't even understand how badly they're getting shafted 'cause those minorities believe every word out of Massa Barack's mouth, no matter how much those words fly in the face of facts or reality.

Lonewacko, you hit the nail right on the head. We NEED community organizers on our side of the illegal immigration issue to counter the Community Organizer in Chief and his many followers.

Using the bible to promote criminal activity? Have you no shame? Have you no morality? You must really hate your countrymen.

its normal political business! and some make big money!

I am all about illegal people. I love these people. They take nothing for granted and they are more patriotic then a lot of Americans. Some went to war for us. Fought for the freedom that we have and they want and believe in. Plus i married one so when is Gutierrez coming to Colorado i need to sign and have others i know sign that petition.

HOW ABOUT THIS- you first- Let mexico stop enforcing its southern border, and give full right-to work in mexico to to the hundreds of thousands of illegal guatemalans, salvadorans etc.. who they imprison in their country for being illegal. Let americans buy real estate in mexico without using a mexican citizen as the owner of the property.. we allow anyone citizen or not, to buy a property in the USA, mexico is only for mexicans.. these are greedy selfish people who do one thing and want you to do another. Let mexico show its good faith by giving millions of american dual citizenship (non hispanic) FIRST.. then if their citizens gain substantial voting power in our country we will do the same in theirs.. mexico is a pathetic case of what mine is mine, and whats YOURS in mine.. they are in exactly the failed mess that one wouls expect of such a greedy, double standard people. adopting them can only cause our standards to fall to theirs, not raise ours, or benefit americans.. this is not 1920- we need no millions of illiterate immigrants to lay rails, or harvest grain by hand.. sorry. get out.