Boycott Toys"R"Us/Babies"R"Us

Toys"R"Us has recently shown their lack of respect for both U.S. law and their own rules, and I suggest boycotting them. Their Babies"R"Us subsidiary recently held a "First Baby of 2007" contest, with the winner receiving $25,000. There were three possibilities, and the winner of the tie-breaker drawing turned out to be the child of illegal aliens. This was a violation of the contest rules, which stated that it was only open to "women... who are legal residents [of the U.S.]"

After a manufactured controversy by ethnic advocacy groups, ToysRUs has capitulated and given the prize to all three finalists.

On the one hand this is the smartest move based on their situation. On the other hand, they've sent the message that neither their rules nor our laws really matter. And, they've in effect supported anchor babies as well as perhaps foreign citizens receiving subsidized U.S. healthcare.



They're on my list of entities never to shop at (Along with Home Depot & BofA) , most of whom are replaceable like light bulbs.

It's funny how folks selling the same crap from China as everyone else does for the same price as everyone else think they can burn their citizen shopper constiuency with no consequences.

The world is littered with former successful retailers who are now history.

Since we tax payers paid for this anchor baby, then technically, isn

The fact is toy's R US, IS only doing what this non government has been doing for 40 years, why get mad?, just buy guns, the lack of respect is from this so called government for the rule of law. so whats next the beheading of anyone who gets out of line? by the way that is coming just look at the pigs in congress.

See it for what it is, total corruption, and totally evil.