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I can misinterpret my own tweets bc I wrote it poorly Please discuss FYI this is my acct. I'm not on gab #VerizonSignalLess
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From @SincerelySteph0
Yes crashing a party is the same as escaping poverty and death. #privilege these days.
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.@SincerelySteph0 @GeoConservative That is, do we have any right to keep anyone out?
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From @GeoConservative
@Glaivester this should answer @SincerelySteph0 question about just one cost illegals cost a U.S. citizen here #NJ
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From @Glaivester
.@GeoConservative btw, @24aheaddotcom has a lot ot Tweets to #amnesty supporters as well, if you like to back people up on Twitter.