Illegal immigration, ethnic power, idiocy, Nina Bernstein, Toys R Us

I can't believe I'm posting on such a trivial matter, but: Nina Bernstein of the New York Times is in a slightly more reportarial mood with "First-Baby Sweepstakes Fuels Immigration Debate". It seems that Toys R Us - specifically their Babies R Us subsidiary - sponsors a "1st Baby of the Year Sweepstakes", and this year there were three possibilities:

1. a New York Chinese couple who appear to be illegal aliens
2. a "black American" who gave birth in Gainesville, Georgia
3. a couple from El Salvador

All three could have won, so they held a tiebreaker, initially choosing #1. However, then they found out that the parents couldn't prove legal residence, and they switched to option #2.

This has caused ethnic power groups to erupt in a furor of race-based indignation. Those mentioned are: John Wang (president of the Asian American Business Development Center), officers of the Organization of Chinese Americans (including past national vice president Leo Y. Lee), and Albert H. Wang (corporate lawyer).

The last is a bit surprising, since presumably he can interpret the rules of the contest (

Sweepstakes only open to women who are pregnant and could plausibly give birth in a U.S. or D.C. hospital, at or after 12:00 am (local time in registrant time zone), on January 1, 2007 and who are legal residents of the 50 United States or Washington D.C.

The legal residence requirement absolutely applies to the woman giving birth, not to the baby.


Talk about the Mexican the Hispanic but the fact is within 20 years we or you will see 80 million Chinese here and within 40 years 300,000,000 here and running you! the mexican and Chinese will fight over what is left of the former USA.

but that would be justice in a funny way.

By the way it is unknown how many illegals from china are really inside this co called country or how many are part of the Red Government but I think most Love Red China.

Toys R Us already caved - the illegals are getting the savings bond.

Time to boycott Toys - although I already stopped shopping there a long time ago.

I think these race hustlers really need to return to the Motherland (China) along the illegal alien parents so that they won't have to deal with such prejudice.