John Trasvina of MALDEF lists his demands

Discussing the National Latino Congreso, Teresa Watanabe of the Los Angeles Times says:

John Trasvina, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund [MALDEF], said he wanted to see the next president end immigration raids, put a moratorium on the use of local police in immigration enforcement, and appoint a Homeland Security chief who would suspend immigration raids during the 2010 Census to ensure a more accurate count, among other things.

I'm going to guess that his first demand was actually more like stopping immigration raids until "reform" is enacted, although he might have said exactly what she's written above.


It's been pretty clear for a while that what they really want is total non-enforcement of immigration law, at the least internally. Now they're finally saying it.

'put a moratorium on the use of local police in immigration enforcement' That would be overstepping his authority. John sure seems to be against a lot. Why might that be? I wonder what he's for when it comes to immigration law enforcement?

My [short] list of demands: English only, period. Treason trials for all current and past public officials and biz elites. Outlawing all race based groups. Return of all illegals with anchors including prev. amnestied criminals. Taxing of remittence to foriegn countries.

ANARCHY for hispanics only is what they want!!! Get guns...( I'm starting to sound and feel like Fred!!???))

I just got a new 30.06 may need it soon. come to think of it we may need 155mm soon, and toss in some B-52 AND About 2000 M-60 tanks to start with.