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Proud Female Army Retiree,Trump supporter! Veteransfortrump, followed by @genflynn @cvpayne @CharlieKirk11 @scaramucci @WayneDupreeshow @DineshDSouza
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RT @Jamierodr10: .This is what I call Patriotic! This Georgia High School team came running onto the field before a game while carrying Ame…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Real patriotism isn't mindless jingoism or thuggery (the implication those who disagree w/ Trump is traitors). Kap & BLM are *wrong*. Has Trump shown that, yes/no? MT @PatriotJohnT1 MT @Jamierodr10: Georgia HS team running [out with] American flags... is what I call Patriotic!
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From @LattyDian
RT @Jamierodr10: My Friend And Yours @mike_Zollo Has Been Suspended & should be back in a few days.. Watch your back because trolls stalk y…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
#MAGA blocks anyone who isn't a fellow cultist, thereby helping Twitter. They (completely falsely) pretend it's cons who are mostly shadowbanned. Start by fixing those issues. MT @LattyDian MT @Jamierodr10: My Friend And Yours @mike_Zollo Has Been Suspended...
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From @Jamierodr10
RT @francescarzz: Find someone that will love you as much as @realDonaldTrump loves America #MAGA
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You mean a cat, right? If Trump were patriotic, he'd push voluntary repatriations instead of a massive amnesty for millions of new Dem voters. #MAGA MT @Jamierodr10 RT @francescarzz: Find someone that will love you as much as Trump loves America