American allegedly assaulted at National Latino Congreso

A small number of people from the group No More Invasion protested in front of the National Latino Congreso/National Latino Congress yesterday, and one of their elderly female members was allegedly assaulted during the protest. There are pictures here. The LAPD arrested someone for the assault, and based on the picture and the text he appears to be from a group of anarchists/far-lefties who apparently work as independent bike messengers. No video is provided.

As I suspected, neither Barack Obama nor John McCain showed for the event, despite claims from unnamed organizers who said they'd be there.

Unfortunately, protests like this are part of a long line of largely ineffective events stretching back years. The MSM refuses to portray those being protested in a negative light, meaning that they're basically just preaching to the choir. And, as with past events, they apparently failed to bring back video. Those who go to such events should always have at least two people videotaping what's going on.

Unfortunately, groups like this don't seem to understand what massive odds they're up against and are unable to figure out how to strike where their opponents are weakest and in an effective way. Asking a locally or nationally known politician a question that reveals their lies or inability to promote good public policy would have a far greater impact than street-level protests like this. If, for instance, they went to L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's public events and tried to ask him questions (not just rants) that showed he wasn't qualified for higher office, that would send a loud and clear message to the others. Or, if they were able to produce a video showing how the MSM lied about something, or tried to ask MSM reporters similar questions, that would help send a message to the rest of the MSM.


I used to shut down day labor sites and home depots with these NMI characters, and it is the least effective way fight illegal immigration. But this sort of weekend activity is an interesting hobby. I just don't like the people well enough to lend any support anymore.