Tortured by Tyson, whipped by Lisa Franzetta

PETA's gone out and bought a new domain: They intone:
From December 2004 through February 2005, a PETA undercover investigator worked on the slaughter line of a Tyson Foods chicken processing plant in Heflin, Alabama. Using a hidden camera, he documented the treatment of the more than 100,000 chickens killed every day in the plant. Anyone would be horrified by what he saw: live birds who had their heads torn off by hand because workers couldn't be bothered to kill them by slitting their throats; birds who had their bodies mutilated by throat-cutting machines that didn't work properly, including one bird who had the skin torn entirely off her chest; workers who threw chickens around and were cruel to them just for fun; and chickens who went through the "scald bath" (a tank of scalding-hot water used to remove their feathers) while still conscious and able to feel pain. Watch the video and see for yourself the agony of these animals' last moments...
It'd be nice if they could expend this same amount of energy going after the reputed other activities of Tyson, such as hiring illegal workers ("Federal Court OKs Suit Against Tyson for Hiring Illegal Aliens"; see also "Mmmm... Tyson Chicken and TB").

But, if like me you'd prefer to think happy thoughts, here's a page about Lonewacko's favorite loony animal rights' activist Lisa Franzetta. It features a pic of her in a leather dominatrix outfit. And, from her essay "It's Better to Bare Skin Than Wear Skin":
For several years now, I've spent a good deal of time caged and nearly nude, my body painted like a tiger or other exotic animal. It's not what I imagined I'd end up doing when I was a student at Brown University, but I'm an animal rights activist, and if there is one thing I've learned, its that baring a little skin certainly shines the spotlight on animal issues...

Previously: "Sultry activists bare their skin in freezing weather to protest wearing fur".


You people at PETA need to get clue and a life. most of the ways animals are slaughtered are by government regulations. The companies that process animal for food do so because there is a demand for it. I love to eat beef--chicken--fish--pork and so do many other Americans. I have worked in the meat industry for 10 years and have made a good living doing so. I will continue to work in this industry and this industry will continue to thrive. Why because many Americans love to eat MEAT.