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Matt Welch
Editor at large, @Reason. Contributor, @LATimesOpinion. Co-conspirator, @wethefifth podcast.
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Come on @KennedyNation how can you do @GovGaryJohnson like that. Not cool. @MattWelch @nsarwark @nickgillespie
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@EricSturrock @KennedyNation @GovGaryJohnson @MattWelch @nickgillespie Not cool.
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Hot libertarian stooge on libertarian stooge action. Kennedy is to libertarianism as Milano is to liberalism. Johnson supports mass #immigration & child labor because he had a janitorial business. MT @EricSturrock Come on @KennedyNation how can you do @GovGaryJohnson like that
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.@nsarwark: @govgaryjohnson is an Everest summiter & endurance athlete. He knows PR is smaller than CT & getting teams to all settlements should have been done in hours (helos+hiking, mostly downhill). Eastcoasters / city fellers present PR as forbidding when it isn't...