"Sultry activists bare their skin in freezing weather to protest wearing fur"

From this:

Sultry animal rights activists stripped down in the freezing weather to bear their skin Friday to try to save the hides of millions of animals slaughtered for fur garments.

Wearing nothing more than flimsy underwear, painted-on leopard spots, cat's ears and carrying a banner reading "Only Animals Should Wear Fur", two young women from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) marched down the street at the busy commercial block of Myeongdong.

A crowd of curious, mostly male onlookers feasted their eyes on the activists who braved the numbing winter weather to show their skins and shout slogans.

But several plainclothes policemen quickly forced their way through the group, wrapped the two naked women with blankets and overcoats and dragged them to a nearby police station...

Public order was finally restored. One of the activists is of course Lonewacko favorite Lisa Franzetta.

There's a small pic here, and a large pic here. The pic above is from this, and there's another pic here. A text-only report is here. There's an action shot of the arrest here.