Questions for Matt Yglesias

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Recently, Matt Yglesias of The Atlantic ( has been posting a daily thread soliciting questions that he'll answer from his visitors ("requests"). I've posted a few comments to those threads without an answer, but that just means I'll keep trying. To be frank, the reason I do that is in the hope that one of these days Matthew Yglesias will let someone at the higher levels of the DNC know that the old lies aren't working any more. Specifically, if one of these days MattY would say to someone at the DNC, "my reputation is being harmed by trying to push your support for illegal immigration, and I fear that if someone who's familiar with this issue is able to interrogate Obama on the topic of immigration it's going to have a very negative impact on his chances", that might cause the DNC to change their policies to be more supportive of our laws. One can always hope.

Here are some of the questions. New ones will be added to the top of the list:

12. Discuss this recent GOP loss. Extra credit: contact those who used his previous wins to push their agenda, and see what they say now: Barone, Barnes, etc.

11. Find a public figure who opposes immigration enforcement, and then follow the money. For instance, this shill who I mentioned on this thread from today:

10. On this recent post, you came out for "comprehensive immigration reform". I pointed out that "reform" would give even more power inside the U.S. to racial power groups as well as the Mexican government. Should we worry about a neighboring government having political power inside the U.S.? If so, what should we do about it? How specifically will that power be reduced should what you support be enacted?

9. What are your thoughts on Barack Obama's latest NAFTA flap? Do you agree he admitted to being deceptive?

8. Will you be condemning New Haven's support for illegal activity?

7. When the Federal Reserve explicitly sets out to profit from money that was earned illegally, isn't that an example of political corruption at the highest levels of our political system?

6. Since you say you aren't part of the establishment, tell us how close you've come to doing some like this.

5. Last year, you told us the NAFTASuperhighway was just a myth ( This year, BHO said more than his handlers would want him to: "there's this highway being built in Texas that will facilitate more transportation and travel between Mexico and the intercontinental United States, on up to Canada". Please explain that for us.

4. Please tell us the differences between this Barack Obama proposal on global warming and how things would have been done in the Soviet Union.

3. Please list all the costs of the Katrina scandal, including those which aren't immediately obvious.

2. Why didn't your colleague Marc Ambinder push what should be a big story, the one about McCain and Juan Hernandez?

1. Have you considered asking people outside the cocoon for their take on the issues you discuss, and then a) accurately representing their concerns and b) offering a valid counterargument (if possible)? For instance, take one of the points from my first comment here, and see if you can come up with a valid counterargument.


I.D. One of the enemy in his camp thank you.