Stephen Fuller/George Mason University: are you sure you're a professor of public policy?

[The money followed in the update, and also see the 9500 Liberty page.]

Stephen Fuller/Stephen S. Fuller of George Mason University - supposedly a professor of public policy - is featured on the latest video from 9500 Liberty. On the video (called "IMMIGRATION Crackdown HURTS Our Economy", link) he discusses the dire consequences of Prince William County in northern Virginia trying to do something about illegal immigration in their county. Oddly enough, for the several minutes that Fuller basically says the same thing over and over, he only discusses direct economic effects and certainly doesn't sound to me like an intellectually honest public policy expert.

He doesn't, for instance, discuss how businesses profiting from illegal activity isn't good public policy. Yet, one might expect a real professor of public policy to do that, no?

He doesn't discuss how massive illegal immigration is a symptom of massive government corruption, something one might expect a real professor of public policy to do.

He doesn't discuss the social welfare costs of massive illegal immigration. He doesn't discuss other non-financial costs, such as the cost of giving even more political power inside the U.S. to foreign governments and to homegrown racial demagogues like Walter Tejada or extremist groups like Mexicanos Sin Fronteras. Those are costs, and based on his bio (link), one might expect him to be honest and knowledgeable enough to factor them into the equation.

Not only that, but - believe it or don't - he says this:

The state makes transfer payments to the schools based on the number of school children. Start losing schoolchildren, you qualify for less money.

That's Homer Simpsonian in its stupidity, considering that those transfer payments have to come from somewhere.

He offers that argument, and he completely fails to point out any of the public policy negatives related to illegal immigration or even massive immigration. So, is he really a professor of public policy, or is he something else?

Please send him a polite email asking him what he is exactly: sfuller2 *at*

Note also that GMU is home to other intellectual superstars like Bryan Caplan, Donald Boudreaux, Tyler Cowen, and Alex Tabarrok of Open Letter on Immigration fame.

UPDATE: Fuller is back in yet another video, this called "Immigration Myths with Dr. Stephen S. Fuller, PhD" (link). He doesn't discuss any myths and he still doesn't discuss any negatives of what he supports.

And, 9500 Liberty doesn't disclose that in 2007 he was named Chief Economist of Cardinal Bank, which also agreed to sponsor the Metropolitan Washington Economic Index from the George Mason University Center for Regional Analysis. Fuller is the Director of that Center (


Yes, it is indeed hard to believe that in order to save America we have to fill it up with Hispanic peasants. But it seems that's the way it is. Who am I to argue with an academic?

What this bitch is, is a political talking head for mexico city and the third world drug dealers. Face facts most if not all have one thing in common Inside the system all want the ideals of the third world here and all want part of a place in the sun just like 3 percent of the mexican oligarch's and the third world oligarchs just look at china just open your eyes and you will see total corruption of our system in all areas. and people you may some-day have to ask for permission to take a shit after a 16 hour work day, it is time to fight before we have nothing to fight for. The system is not OUR System but a system that is under the total control of our enemies.

Seems like Fuller's record is a little spotty: Frightful Forecast for Region's Housing Market May 30, 2007 - 3:48pm Adam Tuss, WTOP Radio WASHINGTON -- The forecast for the future of the region's housing market is in -- and it looks outrageous. If current trends continue, by 2057, the average home in the D.C. area is likely to cost more than $14 million, says Stephen Fuller, director of the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University's School of Public Policy. Even more frightening is the fact that the numbers are based on the current market, taking into account the trend of home prices generally doubling every 10 years and growing by about 7.2 percent annually. "It will take more than 11 times the average annual income to afford a home," Fuller says. "This will be a totally unaffordable region." THIS WAS HIS OPINION ONE YEAR AGO. Doesn't seem to have been very accurate, and now he's saying the exact opposite. Hmmm. From

Most economists know that the ranting of Far Left trade unions and Far Right racists about immigration is so much B.S.. That you don't know it just shows how out of touch with economic facts you are.

Yes Greg L. You are right but the real Worth of $14 million in 2057 will only be about $1 million in real dollars, in other words people by that time will be living inside a third world state and only a few will own homes or be able to buy a home about one percent of the population the other 99 percent will have government housing or on the streets or in jails or prisons just like mexico. I feel for your children all will become owned people.