Crooked town: New Haven to give low-price gas to ID card holders (many illegal aliens)

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New Haven, Connecticut offers a city-only identification card (the "Elm City ID card") for those who - ahem - have ID problems. While any resident can get one of the cards, they're only of real use to illegal aliens. The plan was pushed through by a city employee who used to head an organization that was working with the Mexican government to pass out that country's Matricula Consular card.

Now, New Haven is considering a special incentive to encourage people to get the Elm City card: a three-hour special of gas at $1.99 at a station in their town (link). No doubt some legal residents and citizens will take advantage of the discount, but to illegal aliens in other cities who might be considering a move this will send a loud and clear message that New Haven welcomes everyone, "regardless of their immigration status" as they say. In our terms, New Haven is a crooked town, run by a corrupt mayor (John DeStefano) who has no qualms about not just supporting but encouraging illegal activity in order to obtain political power. There was an allegation that DeStefano might have a financial interest, but that hasn't been confirmed.

The solution for those in the area is to have an impact on DeStefano's political career: go to his public appearances, ask him tough questions (not rants), get it on video, and then upload his response to video sharing sites. He previously ran for governor, but if enough people embarrass him on tape future runs won't be possible.



You got to love this BS, Just wait and see what Obama will do for his troops.

On that very special day in July, several buses and a busload of agents ought to be at the Shell station, ready to escort home any illegal aliens who show up. Then those cards would benefit the legal residents.