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David Hall
Flagler Beach, FL
Conservative Christian Constitutionalist Against Progressive Socialists- Florida State Seminoles Football #FearTheSpear! #GoNOLES! RTs don't always=Endorsement
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RT@WayneDupreeShow The band is back! #WakeUpAmerica
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From @DHallNole
@AnnCoulter @WayneDupreeShow Holy crap, our country is Doomed! This picture reminds me of Rush Limbaugh's "Undeniable Truth" #24.
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.@DHallNole: the US is only "doomed" as long as ppl look to charlatans/entertainers like Coulter to save them. Demand she *does* something.
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From @DHallNole
RT @eScarry: Glenn Beck: Conservatives won't win on immigration
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@DHallNole: #GlennBeck admits he's too dim (or corrupt) to show @marshallfitz, #NYT reporters, etc. wrong on #immigration. #teaparty #tcot