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Co-author of NYT bestseller ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror: Daily Beast Editor-at-Large. GRU aficionado. Encrypt e:
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Excellent by @michaeldweiss
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Nothing either of you says will have any impact on what Trump does; you're just shaking your fists at clouds. Start small: see if you can first figure out how to show "12d chess" wrong. MT @Ibishblog [hypes @michaeldweiss blog claiming Trump's Syria move will help ISIS grow]
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From @michaeldweiss
Why do all these fascists like Trump? Is it something he says?
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From @suekhi
@michaeldweiss @Fuerza_Mundial @ReutersWorld That's scary
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.@suekhi @JohnPhillips: @michaeldweiss isn't very bright. MLP has criticized Trump & she only said that from an anti-Hillary stance.
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.@michaeldweiss: instead of just throwing your jihadis-from-friendly-countries Q out there, press @BuckSexton & other Trumpkins on it. #tcot