Rep. Chris Cannon loses in Utah! (Jason Chaffetz)

Illegal immigration-supporting hack and Republican Congressman from Utah Chris Cannon will lose the primary election to Jason Chaffetz. With over 80% of the votes counted at post time, Chaffetz leads 60% to about 40%, so it's safe to call.

There are about forty posts at this site mentioning Cannon; use the search function to see them all. His higlight reel includes one of his aides soliciting campaign contributions from illegal aliens as he sat next to him, his links to David Safavian and Grover Norquist, the money he got from the cheap labor lobby, and more. See also this, this, and this. And, in 2002 - when accepting an award from the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) - he said this:

"We love immigrants in Utah. And we don't make the distinction very often between legal and illegal. In fact, I think Utah was the first state in the country to legislate the ability to get a driver's license based on the matricula consular [the Mexican government's illegal-alien ID card] and of that I'm proud."

As for Chafetz, he says among other things:

I will not support or vote for amnesty in any way, shape or form. If you are here illegally, there is no pathway to citizenship except to apply from your country of origin.

Whether there are loopholes in that statement or not remains to be seen, but just about anyone would be better than Cannon.

In the past when Cannon has been challenged on his immigration stance and won, various sources have pointed to that as an example of public support for "comprehensive immigration reform" and/or an indication that those who support our laws have trouble at the ballot boxes. What those same sources will say in this case remains to be seen. Perhaps they won't say anything at all, or perhaps they'll try to pretend it was due to something other than immigration.


Why would ANY American or anyone for that matter support an invasion of your Country unless your a stupid assed and guilt ridden liberal or profiting in some way from it. I think Cannon was both

Another Rino bites the dirt at the bottom of an outhouse hole.

'What those same sources will say in this case remains to be seen.' Most likely (in order): 1) nothing 2) it was something totally unrelated to immigration which had zero to do with it 3) 'anti-immigrant' fever/hysteria/etc.


so.... putting illegals in concentration camps is ethical...? Wow, it's kinda sad what kind of people support that stance. That's just creepy, I thought the whole Japanese concentration camps were the first and last to be thought of and acted upon. although, didn't Christ teach that? "Persecute and afflict your brethren as they should be afflicted, because you were born in a better country than they were, therefore, you have full right to persecute them." (Matthew 6:66) oh wait! That's not a real scripture, Christ didn't say that!! Oh snap, I fooled you guys, you thought your actions were justified, tee hee!

Hi Jon, The Japanese were held because there was a war on...(and they were Americans.) These illegals are just that Illegal Invaders to a foreign country. I for one do not want to support the countless influx of these squatters. I don't want them turning my country into a Mexican cesspool like the corrupt,lawless place they have left. I am fighting to retain my country and it's culture and laws and I suggest they do the same with their own.

Jon loves all of god's children, terrorists and illegal aliens alike. The illegals an stay at Jon's house since he loves all of god's children so much.