Barack Obama statement supports illegal immigration marches

Barack Obama has released a statement supporting the May Day illegal immigration marches [1]. He misleads by failing to note that the marches are designed to benefit those who are here illegally rather than legal immigrants. He's also apparently proud of having spoken at the May 1, 2006 event in Chicago; the main organizers of that event have links to the Mexican government with one even being an official with a foreign political party. That same official is a "key organizer" of this year's Chicago march [2].

Two years ago, I came home to Chicago to witness the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of citizens and immigrants united in an effort to fix our immigration system. I spoke to the marchers that day, and Senator Kennedy spoke to those marching in Washington. They said to us, "today we march and tomorrow we vote." Two years later, our immigration problems remain unresolved, and those who want change will have to vote for change in November. So today, I encourage the thousands of people who are marching and calling for change to work hard registering voters in the months to come. Your vote is your voice.

Many of those marching were citizens or legal immigrants, but many were also illegal aliens. And, all were marching to give rights to illegal aliens that they aren't entitled to.

Four-hundred thousand marchers were in Chicago that day and hundreds of thousands of others came out and stood up around the country. They were marching to put a human face on the idea of America as a country of immigrants: the notion that people can come here and pursue a better life for themselves and, most importantly, for their children, if they work hard and apply themselves.

How they come here should matter to a U.S. Senator, but Barack Obama is obviously a different kind of Senator.

Two years later, politicians remain polarized and the challenge is unresolved. On the anniversary of those marches, I again express my commitment to comprehensive immigration reform and will do everything I can to bring order and compassion to a system that is broken today. It is in our interest and true to our tradition to come together and solve this problem. And as President, I intend to lead us in that effort.

BHO could bring "order and compassion" to the system by supporting the enforcement of our current laws; his plan would lead to more illegal immigration and more problems and is the opposite of "compassionate".

[2] From this: "We have to put pressure on the politicians," said Jorge Mujica, a key organizer of this year's march and the original 2006 May Day march. "If everyone starts talking about immigration again after May Day, that's a success for us." Mujica is an official with Mexico's PRD Party.


Obama is a fool he is a political fool to. he is really a black African Racism he thinks some-how he can bet on the hispanics vote from mexico city? or the black vote? or maybe the poor the upper class pool house vote? or the white votes? hillary will win and he will disppear if you know what i mean? if she becomes the next so called president, and only if the one world oligarchs want her in this so called office. but the end game for all 3 so called candidates is to dismantle the USA For one world reasons, so who cares about Obama, do you?

Must send a big thank you to Rev Wright....I think he insures that Obama will NOT be President regardless if he wins the nomination.He ain't going away as much as Obama ad wifey try and wish him away.... McCain isn't much better but Obama is a lefty who is off the charts! Not to mention so inexperienced. He really should become a preacher....He hasn't done much of anything in congress....come to think of it neither has my Senator Kerry in 20 YEARS!! Useless, worthless politicians by the boatload!!!

I love mary, you say it right, today In L.A. Thousands of mexicans all with the flag Of Mexico high in the air marched on city hall, and want the mexican running the city hall to stop any check of any hispanic. In moscow on the other hand thousands of people protested against rising food prices and gas prices in fact in moscow the home of Communists citizens are yelling about working rights and they threatened to strike the government, what you are seeing is a coming apart of all systems inside the Former USA And the Former USSR And it will take down the world into mass collapse and mass world Warfare with the death of billions and ask do you want hillary or Obama running this nation? McCain is a dick but you best vote for that rat, or face mass civil war here with the third world war as the end game.

If any politician is respectable and ethically accountable, they need to start addressing "compassion" for the citizens and taxpayers of the United States of America. And begin holding Mexico responsible for the financial costs of education, housing and healthcare used by Mexican Nationals while they are in the U.S. illegally. Same goes for the costs for citizens of China, while I'm at it here, though of course Mexican Nationals are the majority of illegal aliens in the U.S.A. Why all this "compassion" with and about Mexico? It isn't as if Mexico poses some keen allie of the United States or exercises good concerns for us -- quite the opposite of both, actually.

I like Michael Savages idea...One barrel of oil from mexico for each Illegal they have pushed into our country!!!

All three people running for president are for illegal immigrants. If they are able to push through a bill to make them citizens they probably will not have to sign up for selective service like an American male is required to do.