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Bill Funderburk
Los Angeles, CA
Fmr. @LADWP Commissioner. CA Enviro lawyer: water, power, resilience, politics, climate, equity, reentry and energy. DC expat.He/Him RT≠endorsement.
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From @Rendon63rd
Hey @mPinoe I know you’re not going to the White House. But whenever you’re back from France consider this an invi…
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From @H2OandPowerLaw
@Rendon63rd @mPinoe Let’s not forget another homestate girl @ChristenPress !!!! Congrats to the entire team on the victory over France !!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@H2OandPowerLaw: Rapinoe supports BLM & BLM wants reparations (check out their list of demands!) By you & @Rendon63rd pushing Rapinoe's political stance, you're now aligned with BLM, saddling yourselves with their baggage & making you extremely vulnerable to good arguments.