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That Mouthy Punk Bitch Your Parents Warned You About ❤💜💙 #BLM #NativeLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter #LGBTQ #ScienceIsReal #FauxgressivesSuk #PunchNazis
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After months of campaigning, it’s Decision Day in Iowa. The Democrats’ hopes of winning back the White House are on…
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From @AdamsAppleAnnie
@wolfblitzer @andersoncooper @CNN Tonight's the night @WolfCNNBlizner and @CNN pretend that the #IACaucus…
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.@AdamsAppleAnnie: @wolfblitzer might be the only *celeb* who failed miserably at Celebrity Jeopardy. Much more seriously, those like him helped Trump win by never calling Trump on the huge flaws in his plans. Now they repeat that by covering polls & ignoring policy.