Barack Obama proud of marching for illegal immigration at Mexican government-linked events (Ted Kennedy)

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On May 1, 2006 Barack Obama marched and spoke at the big Chicago illegal immigration march, an event whose main organizers include several people with links to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties.

On this recent video, Maria Elena Durazo of the AFL-CIO - now a national co-chair of Obama's campaign - introduces Ted Kennedy at East Los Angeles City College and highlights that Kennedy and Obama were the only two Senators to take part in the pro-illegal immigration marches, specifically mentioning the one in Chicago. Obviously, Obama isn't trying to hush that up, probably because he knows that no one from the MSM is going to ask him about his involvement in that event.

Kennedy (of course) says nothing of note, but he does note that Obama was there "every step of the way" on "comprehensive immigration reform". And, Gil Cedillo - perenniel pusher of driver's licenses for illegal aliens - is standing right next to him.

UPDATE: In comments, "e" asks, "So?" OK. Regarding the first paragraph, there's a strong possibility that the Mexican government used proxies to agitate their citizens who are in our country illegally to take to our streets in a show of force. Many people might scoff at that idea, yet some years ago their former foreign minister hinted at that, and just recently Mexican president Felipe Calderon explicity stated that they're going to use U.S. non-profits to push their agenda inside the U.S. The Mexican political parties are active on U.S. soil: link, link. One of the main organizers of the May 1 march that Obama attended is an official with Mexico's PRD Party, and I doubt whether he organized that and other marches without their approval. And, many other countries - including the U.S. - have done similar things. Rather than investigating whether a foreign government did in fact use proxies inside the U.S., Obama assisted that foreign government with their goals.

If you don't see a problem with this, go to an Obama appearance and ask him to sign the following:

"I, Barack Obama, marched with foreign citizens who entered the country in contravention to our laws and who were demanding that we change our laws to suit them. And, key organizers of that march are linked to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties. I don't see a problem with that! Do you, America?"


ooooooooh!! You totally nailed him. Moded.... face! You should try to tape a "kick me" sign to his back next!